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Test Case Management with TestTrack

Testing products often requires thousands of unique test cases, the time to execute them, and the ability to efficiently manage the results. TestTrack provides a complete solution to create, organize, execute, measure, and report on manual and automated product testing.

Managing Testing with TestTrack

Easily Define Test Steps

Create Test Steps

Organize Test Cases and Test Runs

Organize Tests

Generate and Run Tests

Run Tests

Create Defects from Test Run Results

Create Defects

Chart Results

Chart Results

Features and Benefits

Centralized Test Case Management

  • Centralize test case management to help your QA team work together to create, organize, run thousands of test cases, track results, and measure progress.
  • Track everything about a test including test case details, test steps, variants, file attachments, test runs, workflow, email, links to other tests, folders, and test histories.
  • Manage an unlimited number of test cases by grouping test runs into test sets for better organization. Create an unlimited number of test run set names to keep your test runs organized.
  • Simplify writing long or complex test cases by creating reusable test case steps that can be shared with other test cases.
  • Store test cases in hierarchical folders for better organization. Public folders make tests available to all users, while private folders allow users to manage test cases and test runs based on their specific requirements.
  • Reduce the number of tests cases with variants. Variants are attributes of the tested application that are used to generate test runs. A test run is created for each unique combination of test variant values selected when generating test runs. For example, if you are testing a browser-based application and want to run the same test on IE, Chrome, and Firefox, add them as variants and TestTrack generates unique test runs for each browser.
  • Assign and distribute tests to manual testers and include detailed instructions they need to successfully execute the test. Testers can work online or print copies of the step-by-step test instructions.
  • Store related files with each test case. Attach test scripts, test data, screen captures, or any other type of file to a test case. Files that you attach to test cases are included in test runs, so testers can access them. Attached files can be managed by your source code management solution.
  • Define test steps and expected results in an easy-to-use grid. Optionally attach drawings, test data, and other files with individual test steps.
  • Sign off on each test step during testing if compliance rules require it. This configurable option improves traceability in regulated environments.
  • Automate test case creation of Web and Microsoft Windows applications with Defect Scribe a free add-on for TestTrack. Defect Scribe intelligently records your actions during manual or exploratory testing, building a detailed history of your test session that you can save as step-by-step test cases.

Integrated with Your Other Tools

  • Use script agents to integrate with automated testing solutions to automate scheduling scripts during test runs. TestTrack integrates seamlessly with QA Wizard Pro to support automated testing of Web and Microsoft Windows applications.
  • Link test results with defects to provide an integrated test environment. Improve the traceability of quality assurance by linking defects to failed test runs and improve test coverage by creating test cases based on existing defects.
  • Establish relationships between test cases and requirements and manage changes to test cases when requirements change. Link requirements to other items including feature requests, defects, change requests, and test cases.
  • Schedule automated tests to run 24x7. TestTrack makes you even more efficient by allowing you to schedule scripts to run at night so you can review the results in the morning.
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