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Seapine helps medical device companies achieve traceability and compliance during product development.

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Hunter Industries Ensures Accountability, Strengthens QA Processes with Seapine

Premier golf courses, corporate facilities, municipalities, and homeowners rely on Hunter Industries to streamline their landscape management efforts and create professional-quality automated water and lighting programs that are both cost- and resource-efficient.

"When I need to see records and reports, they are all available quickly and easily—I don't have to look through countless Word documents. And each member of my team knows exactly what they need to do when."

With hundreds of thousands of systems and parts in development and production at any time, a rigorous quality assurance process is essential. Any controller malfunction from an undiscovered error could result in financial loss for Hunter Industries and their customers. In Seapine, they found a more reliable way to manage QA and track the entire controller software development process. More about Hunter Industries

Itron Solves Software Quality Assurance Challenge with Seapine

Metering for the electric, water, and gas industries is highly regulated so it is vital for Itron's customers to know that their metering software has been through a watertight quality assurance process. Itron's strength is in helping their customers streamline operations and better manage their energy and water resources. However, almost ten years ago, Itron's own software quality assurance (SQA) process was in need of modernizing.

"A manager would literally have to walk the room, stop at each cubicle, and ask how each team member was doing. While that was perfectly effective when there were only a few people in that quality assurance team, it certainly wasn't sustainable."

When Itron's R&D leadership looked for a better way to manage their SQA process, the search proved difficult. Although there were a number of enterprise-level test management software tools on the market, they had trouble finding a flexible, inexpensive solution that could be implemented on a departmental level. Then they discovered Seapine. More about Itron

Global Radar Company Realizes Better Resource Planning and Risk Reduction with Seapine

Finding a rock-solid test management solution was mandatory for Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC), a global leader in Doppler technology. They were writing all their own customized software packages for hundreds of clients and 90 percent of business was international. Cobbling together spreadsheets and emails just wasn't a sustainable way to keep developers on the same page.

"As we roll out complex software programs and hardware structures, establishing and maintaining a dialogue with everyone from the engineers to the development and deployment teams is essential--and it wasn't happening as effectively or efficiently as it could have."

The solution they found was TestTrack, which has become an indispensable part of business for EEC. The ability to synchronize global personnel into a "closed loop" system offers a complete lifecycle perspective on product development—essential for systems that are built to last decades. More about EEC

ITSO Limited Expands Test Management Capabilities and Accuracy with TestTrack

ITSO Limited is a certifying organization with the goal of making all electronic, or "smart", ticketing systems interoperable throughout Great Britain, regardless of operator or mode of transportation. ITSO Limited tests both existing and new ticketing machines and barriers for compliance with a single, national Crown Copyright Specification. They also profile and manage the electronic data access keys in the equipment to ensure they are all coded to interact properly. ITSO Limited essentially acts as the "keeper of the keys" for members' systems.

"Working with Seapine Software saved us an incredible amount of time and money right from the very beginning."

ITSO Limited needed a single software solution that would centralize their disparate systems, facilitate access to the entire test case lifecycle from execution through reporting, and would also ease their growing pains. Seapine Software's TestTrack turned out to be the answer to their challenges. More about ITSO

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