TestTrack What's New in TestTrack 2016.1

JIRA integration, improved rich text editing, and more.


Don't miss out on the latest features, enhancements, and bug fixes in TestTrack.

Unify teams with JIRA support.

TestTrack now supports out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, helping unify teams that use different tools. So if you need to create a JIRA issue from a failed test case or attach a JIRA issue to a requirement, TestTrack 2016.1 has you covered.

Get improved rich text editing.

TestTrack has had WYSIWYG editing for a long time, but it's been kind of rough around the edges. Version 2016.1 includes an upgraded text editor that's more capable and easier to use. If you're looking for Microsoft Word-like text editing and documenting—whether working with requirements, documenting issues, or describing tests—look no further!

Improved rich text editing

Upgrade to a modern UI.

Hair and clothing styles have changed a lot since TestTrack was introduced 21 years ago. UI styles and technologies have changed too. TestTrack 2016.1 introduces the first in a series of look-and-feel improvements we're making over the next few releases. TestTrack's web client is first up with a flatter, cleaner, and more approachable user interface.

Updated web client UI