TestTrack What's New in Helix ALM 2017.1

JIRA integration, improved rich text editing, and more.


Don't miss out on the latest features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Helix ALM
(Formerly TestTrack).

Helix ALM 2017.1 includes the following key features. For a complete list of features and enhancements, check out the release notes

TestTrack is now Helix ALM

TestTrack has joined the Perforce product family, with a new name and product logo: Helix ALM.

Improved integration with Helix Versioning Engine

The Helix Versioning Engine integration now has more functionality, more flexibility, and better performance. When working in Helix ALM, you can:

  • Add Helix Versioning Engine as a source control provider. See Adding Helix Versioning Engine source control providers.
  • Attach changelists to items. See Attaching source control changelists to items.
  • View changelists in Helix Swarm

You can also attach changelists to Helix ALM items by including the item tag in comments when submitting changelists from Helix VCS clients. This requires configuring a Helix trigger. See Configuring triggers to attach changelists from Helix VCS clients to Helix ALM items and Attaching changelists to items from Helix VCS clients.

Simplified source control integration configuration

Configuring integration with source control applications is more streamlined and flexible. User source control settings are now configured per project instead of for all projects. See Configuring source control integration.

View Helix ALM items that issues are attached to in JIRA

If you use the JIRA integration to attach issues to Helix ALM items, you can now view the items an issue is attached to in JIRA. This saves time switching between applications as you work. For example, when a tester is working with a JIRA issue, they can quickly see Helix ALM test runs it is attached to. See Working with Helix ALM items in JIRA.

Before users can view Helix ALM items in JIRA, an administrator needs to configure the Helix ALM for JIRA add-on, which is available in the Atlassian Marketplace. See Configuring the Helix ALM for JIRA add-on.

Copy item number

You can now copy the number of an issue, requirement, requirement document, test case, or test run to the clipboard. For example, this can be helpful when writing an email to a team member about an item or when including an item number in a comment when working with source control files. See Copying item numbers.