QA Wizard Pro

Pricing and Licensing

Seapine offers two license types for QA Wizard: standard licenses for authoring and running scripts, and run-time-only licenses to cost-effectively scale your automation lab.

Automated Functional Testing

Seapine offers the flexibility of node-locked dedicated licenses, unlocked floating licenses, or a combination of the two.

Dedicated Licenses

Floating Licenses

Authoring License

Authoring licenses provide access to all of QA Wizard Pro's features and are recommended for key users, such as test engineers, who create and modify scripts.

+ 1st Year Premium Care

+ 1st Year Premium Care

Run-time Licenses

Run-time licenses provide limited access to QA Wizard Pro and only allow users to run scripts and verify results. Run-time licenses are perfect for automating a testing lab.

+ 1st Year Premium Care

+ 1st Year Premium Care

OCR Add-on Licenses

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) add-on licenses provide access to QA Wizard Pro OCR checkpoints. Each copy of QA Wizard Pro using OCR checkpoints requires a separate OCR add-on license.

+ 1st Year Premium Care

+ 1st Year Premium Care

Load Testing - Virtual Users (VUs)

QA Wizard Pro ships with a five-virtual-users load test license so you can begin recording and testing load test scripts.


50 additional VUs

Virtual load test licenses let you scale your load tests to simulate hundreds to thousands of users and are available in increments of 50 virtual users.

+ 1st Year Premium Care

Premium Care

The first year of Premium Care support, which is required with your purchase, adds 20% to the purchase price.

Premium Care support protects your software investment by providing technical support and all related product upgrades for an annual price. Equivalent to many companies' top-tier support programs, Premium Care makes it easy for you to keep QA Wizard Pro up to date.