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Prompted to Disable Developer Mode Extensions in Google Chrome

Article ID: 839  |  Last updated: 15 Aug, 2016


You are prompted to disable developer mode extensions when recording scripts, running scripts, or populating a repository in QA Wizard Pro or recording actions in Defect Scribe using Google Chrome.


QA Wizard Pro and Defect Scribe use the QA Wizard Pro Chrome capture extension to support recording and playback. Changes to Chrome caused compatibility issues with the extension.


Enable the QA Wizard Pro Chrome Capture extension.

  1. To start Chrome, record a sample web script in QA Wizard Pro or actions in Defect Scribe.
  2. Click Cancel in the QA Wizard Pro or Defect Scribe toolbar.
  3. Click Disable in the disable the developer extension prompt.
  4. Enter 'chrome://extensions' in the Chrome address bar.
  5. Click Get more extensions at the bottom of the page. The Chrome Web Store opens.
  6. Search for QA Wizard Pro.
  7. Click Add to Chrome next to the QA Wizard Pro Chrome Capture extension.
  8. Click Add Extension to confirm the addition.
  9. Close Chrome and retry recording.
Article ID: 839  |   Last updated: 15 Aug, 2016
Chrome extension developer mode

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