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History Details Not Available After Upgrading Surround SCM

Article ID: 713  |  Last updated: 06 Jun, 2017

Note: This information only applies to Surround SCM using a SQL Server database.


History details are not available when viewing file or repository history in Surround SCM. A 'Record not found' error may also be displayed.


The SQL Server user account used to connect to the database may not have permission to execute the Surround SCM SCMBRANCHREPOPATH stored procedure.


Enable the Execute permission for the SQL Server user account used to connect to the Surround SCM database.

  1. Close the Surround SCM Client and stop the Surround SCM Server.
  2. Log in to SQL Server Management Studio as an administrative user.
  3. Expand the Surround SCM database node.
  4. Expand the Programmability, Functions, and Scalar-valued Functions nodes.
  5. Right-click SCMBRANCHREPOPATH and choose Properties.
  6. Select Permissions.
  7. Click Search to select the user account.
  8. Click the Explicit tab.
  9. Select Grant for the Execute permission.
  10. Click OK to save the changes.
  11. Restart the Surround SCM Server and client.

Article ID: 713  |   Last updated: 06 Jun, 2017

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