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Surround SCM Proxy Server Does Not Start

Article ID: 658  |  Last updated: 06 Jul, 2017


The Surround SCM Proxy Server does not start or shuts down immediately.


This generally happens for one of the following reasons:

  • The proxy server does not have read/write permissions for the proxy cache directory and its files. Check the permissions and make sure they are set to read/write.
  • The master Surround SCM Server rejects the connection because the Proxy Name and Password are incorrect.


To ensure security of the master Surround SCM Server data, you must configure it to accept connections from known proxy servers before attempting to use the proxy server. Proxy server installation and configuration requires information about both the Surround SCM Server and proxy servers. You must set the configuration options on both computers.

We recommend adding a proxy server to the master Surround SCM Server before installing the proxy server. If the proxy server is already installed and you add a proxy server to Surround SCM, you can use the registry utility to configure the proxy server settings. The server name, password, and port number must match. See the registry utility help for information.

Article ID: 658  |   Last updated: 06 Jul, 2017
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