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Truncated Filenames Cause Surround SCM Get Errors

Article ID: 646  |  Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015


Truncated filenames cause unexpected results when getting files in Surround SCM from the same repository in the same mainline branch.

For example, a file named seapinesoftware.txt was created on Windows. Windows automatically created a SEAPIN~1.txt file to support older operating systems that cannot use long filenames. Both files were added to the same repository on the same mainline branch in Surround SCM.

When you get both files at the same time, only one file is retrieved and it has the contents of the file with the truncated name. In this example, getting seapinesoftware.txt and SEAPIN~1.txt only retrieves the seapinesoftware.txt file, which has the contents of the SEAPIN~1.txt file.


Windows maintains the long filename and the MS-DOS 8.3 filename for all files. The long filename allows unlimited characters. The 8.3 filename only allows 11 characters – eight characters in the name and three characters in the extension. Filenames over these limits are truncated.

When you add both files to Surround SCM, both filenames are mapped to the same file.


Remove the file with the truncated name from Surround SCM if it is no longer needed.

You can also disable the 8.3 filename support on Windows so only one file is created. See the Windows documentation for more information.

Article ID: 646  |   Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015
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