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ttstudio Addresses in Helix ALM Emails Are Not Hyperlinks

Article ID: 424  |  Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017


ttstudio addresses are not clickable hyperlinks in emails sent from Helix ALM when viewed in external email applications, such as Microsoft Outlook.


Some email applications do not recognize the ttstudio protocol and cannot create hyperlinks.


Add hyperlink HTML tags to the %TTSTUDIOURL% field code in the email template used to create the email.

  1. In the Helix ALM client, open the email template that includes the ttstudio address.
  2. Select Send email in HTML format.
  3. Select the HTML view.
  4. Add the following to the message body between the and tags:
    <a href="%TTSTUDIOURL%">%TTSTUDIOURL%</a>
  5. Make any other template changes.
    Note: You can switch to Layout view to display the template in rich text format after you add the HTML tags to the message body. This allows you to use style and formatting options to change the format of the email.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.

    Note: Make sure Send as HTML is selected in the Send Mail dialog box when sending email.
Article ID: 424  |   Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017
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