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Changing the Helix ALM Server Address

Article ID: 422  |  Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017

If the Helix ALM Server address changes, the following error is returned when users try to connect:

'Cannot connect to Helix ALM Server. Either the server is down or the connection parameters are invalid.'

Use the Helix ALM Registry Utility to update the server address.

  1. Start the registry utility.
    • WindowsChoose All Programs > Perforce > Helix ALM> Helix ALM Registry Utility from the Start menu.
    • LinuxEnter /usr/bin/ttregutil
  2. Click CGI options.
  3. Enter the new information in the Server Address field.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

See the Registry Utility help for more information.

Article ID: 422  |   Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017
cannot connect server address

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