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Virtual Environment Support

Article ID: 35  |  Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

Seapine Software understands the importance of virtualization in customer environments. The following guidelines for virtual environments are in place to help us troubleshoot issues.

  • Seapine only provides technical support for products running on a supported operating system in a virtual environment. For more information about supported operating systems, search this knowledgebase for 'system requirements'.
  • Although virtual environments are supported, we do not rigorously test them and cannot certify specific customer configurations.
  • Seapine will not require customers to re-create every issue with our products in a non-virtual environment. However, we reserve the right to request that customers diagnose issues in a native operating system environment if we believe the virtual environment contributes to the issue.
  • Seapine does not provide technical support for installing, configuring, or maintaining virtual environments. This includes modifications needed to enhance the performance of the Seapine application in a virtual environment.
  • Performance and capacity issues may occur because of the additional software overhead from virtual environments. Any statements by Seapine about expected product performance do not apply to virtual machines running the same system requirements. Diagnosing performance issues requires customers to disable other applications that are competing for resources and may require removing the Seapine application from the virtual environment.
Article ID: 35  |   Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014
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