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Helix ALM Web Clients Return a 404-Page Not Found Error

Article ID: 320  |  Last updated: 13 Jun, 2017


A '404 – Page Not Found' error is returned when you try to log in to Helix ALM web clients.


To complete the login, Helix ALM needs to access the CGI directory and executable. This error usually occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • The directory and executable do not exist or cannot be accessed
  • The directory and executable location has changed
  • The .exe extension is prohibited (IIS only)
  • URLScan is blocking the .exe extension (IIS 6 only)


Use the following information to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

Verify that the CGI directory alias exists

  • IIS—Open IIS Manager and make sure the default web site includes a virtual directory named 'scripts'. If the directory does not exist, follow the steps in the 'Creating a CGI directory alias' section in Configuring IIS 6 for Helix ALM Web or Configuring IIS 7 and 8 for Helix ALM Web.
  • Apache—Search for ScriptAlias/cgi-bin/ in the httpd.conf file. Add the following to the file if the directory does not exist: ScriptAlias/cgi-bin/"C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/cgi-bin"

Verify that the CGI executable is installed

The ttcgi.exe program must exist in the physical (logical) directory. The default locations are:

  • IIS—C:\Inetpub\scripts
  • Apache—.Apache\cgi-bin

Note: The TestTrack RM Reviewer executable is rmcgi.exe. The TestTrack TCM Test Runner executable is tttcmcgi.exe. These products were discontinued starting with TestTrack Web 2013.1.

Verify that the .exe CGI extension is enabled (IIS 6 and 7 only)

Follow the steps in the 'Enabling the .exe CGI extension' section in Configuring IIS 6 for Helix ALM Web or Configuring IIS 7 and 8 for Helix ALM Web.

Verify that URLScan is not blocking .exe programs (IIS 6 only)

URLScan automatically filters out the ability to run .exe programs and returns the page cannot be found error. To fix this issue, remove the .exe entry from the urlscan.ini configuration file or rename the CGI executable (e.g., ttcgi.exe).

Verify that the login.htm page points to the correct location (TestTrack Pro 2013.0 and earlier only)

  1. Open the login.htm page and view the source.
  2. Search for the following function near the top of the page: function open TestTrackWindow()
  3. Verify that the CGI path in stringMyURL = new points to the correct location. The default locations are /scripts/ttcgi.exe?command=LoginScreen (IIS) and /cgi-bin/ttcgi.exe?command=LoginScreen (Apache).
Article ID: 320  |   Last updated: 13 Jun, 2017
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