Solutions for Energy and Utilities Systems Development

Helping Solve Product Development Challenges at Leading Energy and Utility Companies

From renewable energy solutions to embedded software on remote meters, energy and utilities companies face increasing industry regulations, remote data collection challenges, and mounting security threats.

Whether you work in the energy or utilities industry, or are a vendor providing solutions to those industries, you require cost-effective product development solutions that provide security, support for achieving regulatory compliance, transparent traceability, and visibility over the state of development and quality.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Lessen your risk exposure with automatic notifications and escalations, automatic audit logging, and electronic signatures that are incorporated into your organization's daily development and quality assurance processes.
  • Gain insight into the impact of changes with real-time data visibility, change notifications, and gap and risk analysis.
  • Enforce adherence to development processes and best practices with secure automated workflows.
  • Quickly check on project progress, research specific user and product requirements when needed, and automatically be notified of requirements changes you did not initiate.
  • Accurately forecast schedules and enable better decision-making with real-time visibility of project status information.
  • Test faster and more thoroughly by automating functional regression testing and load testing.
  • Coordinating design changes across hardware, software, and electronics engineering teams
  • Understanding the impact of requirement changes
  • Securing access to source code, work items, issues, and other product development artifacts
  • Producing audit trails of record changes to issues and documents
  • Automating the functional and regression testing of customer-facing web sites and business applications
  • Testing web applications under heavy load conditions

White Papers & Guides

Five Traceability Components Essential to Driving Business Results

Sharing requirements and changes among development team members can be costly when traditional, manual methods are used. Learn how traceability software can deliver an integrated product development solution that automatically manages complex relationships and artifacts, giving team members the clarity and visibility they need to drive business results.

Analyzing the Impact of Requirement Changes

This guide discusses how TestTrack's impact analysis tools provide a clear picture of relationships between items so you can accurately determine the impact of changing requirements.


Struggling with Word or Excel to Manage Traceability?

Managing a traceability matrix with Word or Excel is both cumbersome and expensive. However, an automated traceability matrix can save you considerable time and effort. Join us for this 20-minute webinar and learn how to automate your traceability matrix with TestTrack. As well as saving time and effort, once your matrix is automated it will be more accurate and enable you to gain insight into and significantly improve your R&D processes.

Use the Windshield, Not the Mirror: Predictive Metrics that Drive Successful Product Releases

If your development team only looks at reactive data like testing results and bug counts, they're not predicting problems that will impact product quality or delay release. Find out how the right combination of predictive and reactive metrics can help build a measurement portfolio that improves product quality and release consistency.

Energy and Utilities Template

The energy and utilities systems template demonstrates the TestTrack features that help organizations meet change, quality, technology, and information management requirements. It is pre-configured with workflows, security groups, automation rules, folders, and other features—all of which can be further customized to meet your specific needs.

Customer Success Stories

Conductix-Wampfler Optimizes Software Delivery with Seapine Software

Seapine's ALM solution enables Conductix-Wampfler to efficiently manage requirements, test cases, defects, and source code, as well as automate functional and regression testing on a single, tightly integrated platform.

Seapine Helps Siemens AG Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Surround SCM gives Siemens AG better control over the software code in its development process and enhanced collaboration for better productivity and efficiency.

Itron Solves Software Quality Assurance Challenge with TestTrack

Itron is a leading manufacturer of high-end metering equipment for the utilities industry, and provides metering data and back office solutions for leveraging that data to better serve customers.

See how leading Energy and Utility organizations rely on Seapine Software to manage their core processes, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge.

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