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Notification when submit form button is pressed
I have many of our users asking me that is there is any way to notifiy them that the form (solosubmitscreen) has been submitted (received) correctly w
unclejeffitFeb-06-02 11:09 PM
by gdietrich
Multiple Forms
I would like to be able to give our users multiple forms for submitting. One form for bugs and one form for feature requests. Since the URL for submi
dhackerDec-20-01 10:11 PM
by pburma
Solosubmit E-mail information
Because the Solosubmit web form cannot currently include a pulldown of all users/customers to allow our internal staff to select the name they want th
TommDec-13-01 08:56 PM
by pburma
Solosubmit Project Name
How can I display the project name on the solosubmit.htm page? I can see where it has the DBID value, but I would like to display the project name fo
jyoungkenDec-12-01 12:08 AM
by pburma
E-Mail Notification of Web Submission
We want to have web-based bug submission cause a notification e-mail to be sent to our standard support e-mail account. The only option for doing this
SiprelleMay-25-01 08:11 PM
by Support
Welcome! We have established these online forums to help you get the most out of your TestTrack investment. This is the place to come if you have a p
SupportMay-23-01 10:38 PM
by Support
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