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Top TestTrack Pro Linux/Unix Installation topic #74

Subject: "Installing TTPro + SSCM on Fedora" Previous topic | Next topic
bukaSun Nov-13-05 12:11 PM
Member since Nov 12th 2005
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"Installing TTPro + SSCM on Fedora"


Hi there.
The company i work for bought SSCM+TTPRO. I did install them
on a RH9 and i've got problems with TTPro:

<Warning> Unable to pack the MSGLOG table due to the
following error:
Unable to open the data file with an exclusive lock..

This is a persistent problem (not solved by a reboot).

License Server and SSCm semms to work well.

I spoken with seapine and they made me notice Kernel 2.4.x are
not supported and i also need .

I was also told Fedora Core 3 will be ok for seapine suite.

I going to install a new linux server with Fedora Core 3
to have the Seapine suite (License/SSCM/TTPRo ___Servers___ only)
running with no problems.

Q: Is there anybody out there running TTPro 7.5 and SSCM 4.0.4
on Fedora Core 3 (or 4) in a production environment?

Q: Is there anybody succesfully running TTPro+SSCM SERVERS
on a different distro in a production environment ?


I'm asking this couse neither the explication about the
required libs nor the installation instruction (PDF)
seems up to date.

The required library is NOT actually
used by TTPro server.
The outup of command for ttro server returns:
# ldd /usr/local/bin/ttserver => /usr/lib/seapine/ (0x40017000)

This means TTpro server (License and SSCM as well) uses a
version of the library supplied by the TTPro installer
itself (the Installer DOC reports this lib is required
for Mandrake - probably the 4.5 build supplied
uses a makefile used in a previous mandrake build)


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pburmaMon Nov-14-05 01:55 PM
Charter member
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#1. "RE: Installing TTPro + SSCM on Fedo"
In response to Reply # 0


The MSGLOG table error message does not indicate a library or binary compatibility issue. So your configuration, Distro, Kernel and install packages are probably just fine. Course I reserve the right to change my mind if I find out something new about your system

The error itself could mean 2 different things.

1 - A pre-existing process has a lock on this file so TTServer cannot lock it during run time.

2 - The file itself is corrupt and unreadable and TTServer simply reports it as unreadable with the exclusive lock error.

First thing you do is open the /var/log/Startup.log error and report all the information you see. The error message and error number are all very relevant to us.

Now the MSGLOG table is part of the TTServDb directory where the TestTrack Pro Server Database files are stored. In this collection of database files TTPro stores your Server Options, your Active projects list, and any error messages logged by the Server which is specifically what MSGLOG holds.

There is no data in the TTServDB database tables that cannot be replaced, your Active projects can be re-built using the Add Existing database feature, the Server Options can be reset. So you can stop TTServer, make sure all threads have stopped check your process tree for orphans and zombies. Remove the file types *.ttt, *.fpt, *.tti from the TTServDB folder (be careful not to remove anything in TTDbs where defect data is stored) and restart the TTServer running the 'ttpro' shell script.

The TTServDb database files will be recreated by TTServer and you can login with the Administrator account and re-activate your projects.

Patrick Burma
Product Specialist
Seapine Software, Inc


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