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KaterinaThu Apr-04-02 02:27 PM
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"Email Import"



I have the following problem with SoloSubmit.

The company I work for has a web page set up using a domain and have TestTrack installed on a PC locally in the office, and they want me to set up SoloSubmit so that when customers visit our web site and go to SoloSubmit where an email with the defect details is to be sent to the TT Server on the PC here.

I have managed to send an email (amd receive it) succesfully, but all the info sent my the email is displayed in the description area of a defect(when viewing from the TT Client).

I do not have the option of installing TT on the domain out web page is set.

What is the format all emails sent by the page/solosubmit must have so that when Server Import is performed, all details are saved and displayed to the correct fields? (eg. Product, Component, Severity and so on)

Thank you in advance.


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Michelle_SupportThu Apr-04-02 08:43 PM
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#1. "RE: Email Import"
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Actually, SoloSubmit communicates directly with the TestTrack Pro Server. It does not use e-mail.

SoloBug is Windows based and the sister application to SoloSubmit. You can configure SoloBug to your Project database and then send the executable to your submitters.

With SoloBug, they will fill out the SoloBug form and save it. Then they will send an e-mail with the SoloBug issue attached to the e-mail address that you give them.

When TestTrack Pro imports the e-mail, it will recognize the SoloBug attachment and import the SoloBug issue with the fields filled out as the submitter filled them out.



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