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Solo Submit Setup
Hi, I have Solo Submit turned on, but when I hit this url I get an unformatted form. http://192.16 8.2.104/ttweb/SoloSu bmit.htm (192.168.2 .104 being
GregLuceSep-30-08 01:53 PM
by jrahn
Setting assigned field
I would like to set the assigned field for bugs submitted via SoloSubmit (but not other ways). Alternativly, I would like to have the default assigned
amfahrMar-07-06 01:03 PM
by pburma
Need help 'hardcoding' custom field
Hi, My request is probably relatively simple but my subject probably isn't very clear so let me elaborate. In our TestTrackPro (v6.0) DB we have
michelbJan-14-05 04:31 AM
by tadhg
Uploading files with SoloSubmit
Is it possible to use a multipart/form-data post method to submit attachments to a TestTrack defect through a SoloSubmit Web page? Has anyone success
traeger23Jan-17-08 02:48 PM
by Falstaff
Redirect After Post?
Hi there. I've created a web page that says "Thanks for submitting your report. You will receive an email confirmation. Blah blah blah." How can I
ColligoAug-27-02 07:14 PM
by silvercove
'Entered By' field
I was wondering if it is possible to have the "Entered By" field filled in automaticaly when a bug is submitted via SoloSubmit either by a hidden valu
DveJun-18-03 10:33 PM
by pburma
customized fields writing to TTP
I have added a new field in TestTrack Pro entitled "Z_test" Here is the code I am using on the Solosubmit form: <tr> <td>%Z_test_L%
atangiMay-03-04 09:52 PM
by pburma
E-Mail Notification of Web Submission
We want to have web-based bug submission cause a notification e-mail to be sent to our standard support e-mail account. The only option for doing this
SiprelleMay-25-01 08:11 PM
by Support
Solosubmit Project Name
How can I display the project name on the solosubmit.htm page? I can see where it has the DBID value, but I would like to display the project name fo
jyoungkenDec-12-01 12:08 AM
by pburma
Solosubmit E-mail information
Because the Solosubmit web form cannot currently include a pulldown of all users/customers to allow our internal staff to select the name they want th
TommDec-13-01 08:56 PM
by pburma
Multiple Forms
I would like to be able to give our users multiple forms for submitting. One form for bugs and one form for feature requests. Since the URL for submi
dhackerDec-20-01 10:11 PM
by pburma
Notification when submit form button is pressed
I have many of our users asking me that is there is any way to notifiy them that the form (solosubmitscreen) has been submitted (received) correctly w
unclejeffitFeb-06-02 11:09 PM
by gdietrich
Email Import
Hello, I have the following problem with SoloSubmit. The company I work for has a web page set up using a domain and have TestTrack installed on a P
KaterinaApr-04-02 08:43 PM
by Michelle_Support
Required Fields
Hello, How can I make SoloSubmit HTML page to have the same required fields as I do in TestTrack? Can I configure it automatically from Testtrack? T
nitzanaJan-30-03 09:58 PM
by SeapineDev
TTPro 6.0 upgrade
Hi, After upgrading to 6.0 version, the solosubmit page will not show any fields. For example, i am using %FNDV% to get the version names to dynamical
rameshsracJan-28-04 10:32 PM
by SeapineDev
Solosubmit Reference field
I'm using the TTP 4.7.1 on solaris. I need use the Reference field in the Solosubmit.htm form. I used <tr><td>%REFR_L %:</td><td><input type="TEXT" nam
zaziFeb-27-04 08:21 PM
by ChipOne
Getting Custom Fields to Populate
I'm having trouble getting custom fields to populate in the defect. I'm customizing SoloSubmit and using the dynamic field population. The html is w
ChipOneMay-03-04 09:56 PM
by pburma
Default a drop down using the cooki
It's very easy to default another field to a value you save in the cookie, but how can you default a drop down field. The default is user defined and
Dave WhitesideFeb-03-05 12:37 AM
by Dave Whiteside
Update Phone / Email
If a user changes their phone number or email address, and enters a bug request using solo submit, it does not appear to update the users details in t
Dave WhitesideMar-07-06 01:03 PM
by pburma
Version input not working.
Heres the source thats coming from my page, and everything LOOKS right, but its not putting the data from the select, into the input field. I'm stripp
jfeltsMar-07-06 01:01 PM
by pburma
Custom fields of type "Date/Time"
Hi, I have a TestTrack database that has a custom field of type "date/Time". If I use the solosubmit page the way it is described in the pdf documen
R_PerrierMar-07-06 12:55 PM
by pburma
Dropdown lists
I want to include the Component field on my solosubmit webpage;However, the field type is a dropdown list. I would like our customer to see the dropd
nbufkinMar-07-06 12:52 PM
by pburma
Adding A Custom Field To A Static SoloSubmit Page
I have created an external static SoloSubmit page that works fine except for a custom field I added. In TestTrack I created a custom field called "UR
SiriusPhilNov-03-06 06:49 PM
by pburma
Solosubmit Page Title
Hi guys, I'm having problems with a Solosubmit page. Right now I am creating three different .HTML files for three different projects. Each one o
mgholsonJan-03-07 09:58 PM
by pburma
Computer Information field codes
I am editing the solosubmit.htm page from what it was default. the area for computer information has computer model and Operating System by default.
markSWApr-30-07 09:15 PM
by pburma
Field Relationships
I am am trying to get SoloSubmit to work with field Relationships, but all childern appear for all parents regardless of the relationship. Her e is
jmorwickApr-30-07 09:14 PM
by pburma
Institution / Customer
Is there a way to populate the "Insitution / Customer" field from the bug submit webpage? Thanks.
JamesSTIApr-30-07 09:01 PM
by pburma
How do I remove "<Not Set>" option from pull down
Is there any way one to remove the "<Not Set>" option from a pull down. I have changed the default type but this still shows up in the pull down.
cigna_itJun-21-07 02:25 PM
by cigna_it
Specify a return page other than a page on the test tra...
Is there a way to specify a return page other than a file on the test track server? When I specified a url, I get the following error: Could not f
jbentonAug-28-08 04:55 PM
by gerhard
Modify product list in SoloSubmit
We want to start using Solosubmit with our end-users but donot want to display all of the producs in the Product drop-down list. Is there a way of on
joaodagracaJun-13-14 11:21 PM
by SeapineDev
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