Using the QA Wizard Pro Dashboard

QA Wizard Pro 2016.2 introduces a great new feature that makes monitoring your automated tests even easier. The web-based dashboard provides an overview of the most recent playback sessions run and important statistics about your automated testing efforts. It can help you pinpoint scripts that need closer review and determine if enough testing has been performed for an upcoming release. For example, if you include batch files in a continuous build process, you can use the dashboard to see regression test results and identify failed scripts that may indicate issues in the latest build.

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Join Us at Medconf 2016 in Munich

medconf-2016Representatives and industry experts from Seapine Software will be heading to Munich at the end of October to participate in Medconf 2016. They’ll be joining medical device professionals from around the world to report, discuss, and compare notes about trends in medical device development. The conference will be held in Munich, October 24-28.

Since 2008, MedConf has been recognized as one of the most important medical device development conferences in Europe. The conference focuses exclusively on the software development and system design of medical devices. This year, MedConf participants will address important topics like the effects of legal frameworks by the EU or the FDA, methods and techniques of software development, and current trends in the medical device industry.

In addition, Martin Kochloefl, software solutions consultant at Seapine, will be on hand to discuss Seapine’s life sciences solutions and deliver two talks:

  • Why Traceability Improves Product Quality (Oct 25th)

  • The Results of the 2016 Life Sciences Product Development Survey (Oct 27th)

Hundreds of participants visit MedConf each year, making it invaluable for networking and professional training. If you’re attending MedConf 2016, be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about our life sciences solutions.

What’s New in QA Wizard Pro 2016.2

QA Wizard Pro 2016.2 is now available and it includes some awesome new features you’ll want to check out.

Monitor script playback in real-time using the new dashboard

Use the web-based QA Wizard Pro dashboard to monitor script playback in real-time. It can help you see an overview of the most recent playback sessions run and statistics about your team’s automated tests, such as the number of sessions run during a date range and per test computer. More info


Note: To set up the dashboard, an administrative user needs to install the dashboard files on the computer that hosts the QA Wizard Pro Server and configure a web server. Learn more.

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Webinar: What’s New in Surround SCM 2016.1

webinarSurround SCM isn’t your average version control solution—it includes unique features that set it apart from competitive products, such as workflow automation, electronic signatures, and built-in code reviews. And new Surround SCM 2016.1 is big on often-requested features like:

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Just Released! Surround SCM 2016.1

Surround SCM 2016.1 is now available. In addition to tighter TestTrack integration, improved label management, and JIRA 7 integration, this release also includes web client enhancements.

If you’re working off site and need to make a quick change to a file, or working in the QA lab and missing the files files, you can now use the Surround SCM Web client to check in a changed file or quickly download all the files in a repository.

Check In Files from the Surround SCM Web Client

Learn more and see what’s new in Surround SCM 2016.1.

Expand Your Agile Expertise at the AgileCincy Conference 2016

agilecincySeapine Software is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the AgileCincy Conference 2016, taking place Monday, October 17, at Northern Kentucky University. This one-day conference will cover a range of Agile topics, including a keynote talk by James Grenning, one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto.

AgileCincy has something for everyone, from early adopters to certified Agile professionals. There will be six tracks and 24 breakout sessions covering:

  • Development
  • Scaling Agile
  • Change Management
  • Product Ownership
  • Agile Process

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