What’s New in QA Wizard Pro 2017.1

QA Wizard Pro 2017.1 includes some great new features to help improve your automated testing process.

Change the search method for multiple controls at the same time

If QA Wizard Pro cannot locate or distinguish between controls during playback, you may need to change the search method used. Now you can select multiple controls in the application repository and use the new Search Method shortcut menu to quickly switch them to a more accurate search method at the same time. Learn more. Continue reading “What’s New in QA Wizard Pro 2017.1”

What’s New in Surround SCM 2017.1

Surround SCM 2017.1 is here! This release includes some nice enhancements that you’ll want to get familiar with.

More options for reviewing files in code reviews

You now have more flexibility to see the exact changes you’re interested in and how changes look when reviewing files in code reviews. You can show differences for versions not included in a review, for more information. You can also ignore case and white-space differences, change the differences output, and change the font and tab width. Learn more.


Code review options


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From Bug Tracking the Macintosh Way to Helix ALM

Let’s start at the end so you learn at least this: we have a new product name and logo for TestTrack. Yes, you read that correctly. TestTrack is now called Helix ALM, and there are similar names for the various ALM modules: Helix RM for requirements management, Helix IM for issue management, and Helix TCM for test case management.

Now, don’t despair! I haven’t, and if anyone has emotional equity in TestTrack, it’s me, the father of TestTrack! But the TestTrack (er, Helix ALM) of today is not the same product I released in 1996, and I’ve always been a big proponent of renaming it to something less “Test” focused. Over the years, the descriptive name of the original product had become a detriment to marketing its other capabilities; e.g., requirements management is not “tracking testing.” Also, do you know how many people in education have thought TestTrack was a product they could use to track test scores?

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Introducing Helix ALM 2017.1

Now that Seapine is part of the Perforce family, TestTrack has been renamed Helix ALM, with a shiny new logo and some great new features. You’ll see this name change in the recent release of Helix ALM 2017.1, and it affects the entire TestTrack suite:

  • TestTrack Pro is now Helix Issue Management (IM)
  • TestTrack RM is now Helix Requirements Management (RM)
  • TestTrack TCM is now Helix Test Case Management (TCM)

What’s new?

Helix ALM 2017.1 features improved integration with Helix Versioning Engine. You’ll enjoy more functionality, more flexibility, and better performance. In addition to the existing features to attach source files and work with them from Helix ALM, you can now:

  • Add Helix Versioning Engine as a source control provider.
  • Attach changelists to Helix ALM items and click hyperlinks in items to view attached changelists in Helix Swarm.
  • Attach changelists to Helix ALM items when submitting them from Helix VCS clients, which requires configuring Helix Versioning Engine triggers.

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Integrated Traceability: The Secret to Surviving Your Next Software Development Audit

Traceability has tremendous value for companies operating in any industry, but it’s critical for those in regulated industries. Regulatory bodies recognize its impact on product quality and safety, which is why traceability guidelines are included in several government regulations and international standards — FDA 21 CFR Part 820, IEC 62304, and ISO 13485, just to name a few.

So for regulated industries, traceability isn’t just “nice to have” — it’s actually a regulatory requirement.
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WEBINAR: Predictability at Scale

Join us live on Wednesday, March 15, with Perforce’s CTO of ALM Solutions, Rick Riccetti, and Anthony Washington, Senior Solution Engineer, to see firsthand how companies are benefiting from putting predictable processes in place to increase the pace of innovation, improve development efficiency, or drive quality higher.

What is Predictability At Scale?

Predictability at scale is about achieving a better idea of the outcome due to the processes put in place and the tools used to drive those processes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a modern ALM solution, such as Helix ALM, can help you achieve predictability at scale while gaining:

  • Real quality improvements
  • Increased development efficiency and faster time to market
  • Instant, auditable evidence of work performed

For more information or to sign up for this webinar, please visit perforce.com.

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