Learn How to Train Your Engineer [Webinar]

How to Train Your EngineerWebinar: How to Train Your Engineer
Tuesday, August 30
11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET

Do your QA and Development teams work in silos…where developers throw new builds “over the wall” at testers?

Join us for this 30-minute webinar as Mike Lipps, QA Analyst, and Todd Peak, Software Engineer, share tales from the silos, discuss the benefits of collaboration, and provide 7 tips to help you train your engineer.

You’ll learn how you can strengthen the relationship between teams and begin working together to create better test cases, a better work environment, and better software.

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Using Note Widgets on TestTrack Dashboards

Hopefully, you are already using TestTrack dashboards to better communicate with your team. Now, you have even more flexibility to customize your dashboard using note widgets.

Note widgets can display formatted text, images, and hyperlinks. They are easy to configure and have lots of options to display information how you want it to look.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can use note widgets to share important information and resources on your dashboards.

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2016 Life Sciences Survey: Preliminary Data

2016 Life Sciences Product Development SurveySeapine’s 2016 Life Sciences Product Development Survey continues through the end of August, but we’re already seeing some interesting findings.

For example, the survey asks:

How difficult is it to meet the business needs of the following departments?

  • Marketing and Research
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • QA Testing (V&V)
  • Regulatory (Internal)
  • Regulatory (External Agencies)
  • Executive Management
  • Board/Investors

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Just Launched! Life Sciences Product Development Web Site

new_releaseWe recently launched life-sciences.seapine.com, a web site dedicated to product development solutions and services for life science industries. Life science organizations seeking new product development lifecycle management solutions, or wanting to learn more about topics such as the impact of 21 CFR Part 11 on development, how to implement hybrid Agile development methods, or automated traceability best practices, can find the information they need at http://life-sciences.seapine.com. The site features white papers, videos, webinars, customer stories, and more.

“Many of today’s leading life science organizations leverage Seapine solutions to manage product development, comply with regulations, and mitigate risk. They utilize and are benefiting from modern methodologies backed by artifact-centric solutions,” said Rick Riccetti, Seapine Software president & CEO. “This dedicated web site provides a platform for us to speak directly to life science companies and provide solutions for their industry-specific challenges.”

Check out http://life-sciences.seapine.com to learn more.

TestTrack Superpower #1: Task Boards

task boardsTasks are easy to defeat individually, but when they gang up on you, you’re in a fight to the finish. Beat them down with interactive task boards.

Combined with TestTrack’s nuclear-powered workflow engine, task boards give you advanced project management capabilities, no matter what product development methodology you’re using—Agile, Waterfall, or a mutant hybrid.
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Breaking the Barriers to Agile Adoption Webinar – Q&A and Video

Thanks to everyone who attended the Breaking the Barriers to Agile Adoption webinar. Video and Gordon’s Q&A follow.


Q: Is there any documented evidence that Agile accelerates medical device projects?

Great question! I’m not aware of any studies that prove this. Perhaps someone else has a link to studies about Agile and medical device projects…please comment if you do.

Each year, we survey medical device development professionals. In 2015, nearly half of the respondents said they were doing some form of Agile. You can download the survey report to learn more. While this doesn’t provide evidence about Agile accelerating medical device projects, it does support the idea that Agile can be adopted in safety-critical environments.

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