Improve Quality One Agile Step at a Time

Cincinnati – March 29, 2011 – One of the best ways to improve business profitability, software quality, and employee satisfaction is to improve your company’s agility, says Alan Bustamante, leader of Seapine Software’s new Agile Services team. However, you may want to take one Agile step at a time.“The aim of Agile development methods is to deliver what your customer needs when they need it. If your customer is happy, everything else should fall into place,” Bustamante says. “To achieve this, Agile teams focus on quality—quality of code, quality of documentation, fitness for use, and so on. In short, everyone on an Agile team is responsible for quality, so an Agile team’s quality of work is often higher than that of a traditional team.”Adopting Agile practices can be a daunting prospect. Many managers think it’s an all-or-nothing complete retooling of the software development process. Not so, Bustamante says.“More often it’s best for companies to become Agile one step at a time. Incrementally deploying Agile practices through carefully selected pilot projects lessens the culture shock and eases the organization into the new way of doing things.”The job of Bustamante’s team is to assess the current level of agility in an organization, and then nurture greater agility through coaching and training at a pace that’s right for the company.“Seapine’s goal is to make the transition to Agile as smooth as possible,” he says. “Our consultants bring a methodical approach to determining an organization’s Agile capability and readiness.”Once Seapine’s Agile Services team completes the assessment, they provide the client with recommendations based on their findings, with no further commitment required.Step by step, Seapine Agile Services is able to help companies achieve their goals as they adopt Agile practices. “When the company is ready to take the next step, we’ll be ready to help,” Bustamante says. For more information about Seapine Agile Services, visit

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Seapine Software, Inc. is a privately held technology company whose application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions help companies manage the process of developing high-quality complex products—often in regulated industries. Our award-winning ALM solutions drive the creation of recognized brands, life-saving medical devices, even games of the year.

Founded in 1995, Seapine has headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa with over 8,500 customers worldwide. For more information, visit

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