Seapine Software Tames Agile Beast with ALM 2010.1 Release

Seapine’s TestTrack 2010.1 supports transitioning to Agile development while giving organizations the flexibility to manage traditional development processes in parallel

Cincinnati, OH – March 2, 2010 – Seapine Software, a leading global provider of quality-centric application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, announced today that its upcoming TestTrack 2010.1 product release includes a number of new capabilities to support Agile development. Key features enable development teams to better collaborate, improve productivity, shorten release cycles, and deliver higher-quality software products. A recent SD Times special report, “Can ALM tame the agile beast?”, indicates that even if a team is not completely immersed into agile development, it may be looking to make parts of their process more Agile. Seapine’s TestTrack 2010.1 gives development organizations the flexibility to run Agile and traditional software development projects in parallel without forcing different teams to use different tools. New Agile capabilities enable development teams to:

  • Manage Backlogs and Releases - Slice and dice your backlog to quickly find stories that match the theme of your next sprint and address your business objectives. Team members can drag and drop tasks between releases or sprints as priorities change.
  • Perform Sprint Planning and Tracking - Generate burn down charts that show progress towards your sprint goals. Live Charts and several other built-in reports make it easy for team members to stay up-to-date and easily plan the next iteration.
  • Conduct Retrospectives – Access in-depth metrics on sprints and releases. Velocity and cumulative flow charts help you compare estimates with actual results, identify bottlenecks in the development cycle, and plan your next release cycle.
  • Facilitate Daily Stand-ups – Use the task board to view all work included in a sprint, whether your team is located in the same room or across the globe, from a central location.
  • Track Work Time – Estimate and track work by hours, percent complete, and story points and gain better visibility into the team’s progress and resource allocation.

Seapine’s TestTrack 2010.1 offers a process-agnostic approach to development.  “Every customer’s development process is different,” said Paula Rome, TestTrack product manager, Seapine Software. “TestTrack 2010.1 enables development organizations to adopt agile practices where it makes business sense without jeopardizing existing projects and teams. Whether an organization is using iterative waterfall, scrum, or another development methodology, TestTrack adapts to the way a team works and it can support multiple products, projects, and distributed development.”Seapine’s TestTrack 2010.1 also supports user acceptance testing and helps teams define doneness criteria for stories. With TestTrack, even Agile teams working in regulated industries can track and manage their regulatory compliance. TestTrack is an integrated solution that consists of TestTrack RM for requirements management, TestTrack TCM for test case management, and TestTrack Pro for issue management. TestTrack also includes other key features for Agile development, such as collaboration, workflow automation, reporting, and security to reduce unnecessary documentation, facilitate communications, improve quality, and make development and QA teams more productive.To learn more about Seapine’s TestTrack product family, visit

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Seapine Software, Inc. is a privately held technology company whose application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions help companies manage the process of developing high-quality complex products—often in regulated industries. Our award-winning ALM solutions drive the creation of recognized brands, life-saving medical devices, even games of the year.

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