Cincinnati Software Company Raises Funds for Local Migratory Bird Wetland

Mason, Ohio—June 12, 2007—Seapine Software, Inc., a Cincinnati-based global software provider, and its employees, recently donated nearly $2,000 for the 20th annual Oxbow, Inc. Birdathon near Cincinnati. The contributions will be used to fund three land management projects in the Oxbow floodplain.The Oxbow is a large floodplain at the confluence of the Great Miami River and Ohio River. As part of the Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways, the Oxbow is a geographically important wetland. Thousands of migratory birds rely on this important staging area for resting and refueling on their long annual migrations. Oxbow, Inc. raises awareness about this important wetland and purchases property to protect it from further development. Oxbow, Inc. owns more than 700 acres of wetland with another 260 acres under easement to prevent development.Seapine is taking an active role in promoting conservation efforts among businesses in the area. To help bring awareness of fragile ecosystems and the importance of protecting and preserving wildlife areas, Seapine supported a team of conservationists participating in the 2007 Oxbow, Inc. Birdathon. The team, including Seapine employee Erich Baumgardner, raced across the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana area during a 24-hour period to find birds and raise money and awareness for the Oxbow. Employees could pledge fixed amounts, or amounts per bird or species sighted and logged. Seapine matched each employee donation dollar-for-dollar and added its own corporate contribution.About Oxbow, Inc.Oxbow, Inc. is a nonprofit organization formed by conservation groups and concerned citizens of Ohio and Indiana for the purpose of preserving and protecting a wetlands ecosystem locally known as the Oxbow, Hardintown, or Horseshoe Bottoms, from industrial development and to preserve the floodplain at the confluence of the Great Miami and Ohio rivers for use as a staging area for the seasonal migrations of waterfowl. This agricultural area is rich in geological, archaeological, and anthropological history. Visit for more information.

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