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Workflow and Issue Management with TestTrack

Complex product development projects have thousands of work items to create, assign, and track, often with each following unique processes. TestTrack helps you efficiently manage and report on tasks, defects, feature requests, change requests, and other development-related work items, while keeping all stakeholders informed of progress.

Managing Workflow and Issues with TestTrack

Easily Manage Thousands of Issues

Manage Issues

Capture All Details About an Issue

Capture All Details

Quickly Spot Trends During Development

Spot Trends

Track Customer Emails

Track Customer Emails

Work with Issues from Within Your Preferred IDE

Work within Your IDE

Features and Benefits

Centralized Issue Management

  • Manage all development artifacts including issues, defects, feature requests, change requests, project assignments, customer issues, and any other tasks or artifacts tracked as part of your product development process.
  • Track everything about an issue including its details, workflow, known workarounds, related software changes, email, links to other issues, folders, and its history.
  • Track multiple reports of an issue as one to provide better metrics and improved product planning. With multiple-instance tracking, you have a more accurate count of the number of unique issues you need to fix. And, when used to track feature requests, you can prioritize features based on the number of times they are requested. The details of each customer's requests are stored in one feature request, defect, etc.

Start Tracking Quickly

  • Use TestTrack out-of-the-box with minimal customization or completely customize it to fit your terminology, processes, security rules, and compliance needs. TestTrack ships with pre-configured templates to use as starting points for your projects.

Interact with Your Customers

  • Track detailed information about your customers including contact and system configuration information.
  • Quickly locate the issues a customer has reported and the current status of each issue.
  • Monitor an email account for incoming support issues and automatically email acknowledgements to customers, letting them know you received their emails and are looking into their issues.
  • Make it easy for customers to provide feedback with TestTrack's feedback add-ons, SoloBug and SoloSubmit.
  • Use time-based escalation rules to ensure customer issues are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Keep customers in the loop with per-issue notification lists. Add a customer to the notification list and, when the issue enters a new state, automatically email the customer a status update.
  • Track issue-specific email conversations between developers, technical support, and customers, keeping all relevant information with the issue for quick access and historical record.
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