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Agile Development with TestTrack

Whether you are currently using an Agile methodology, are transitioning from a traditional development process, or are using a hybrid approach, you can easily manage your Agile projects with TestTrack. From capturing user stories to reviewing your effort at the end of releases and sprints, TestTrack helps you track project status every step of the way.

Managing Agile Projects with TestTrack

Story Folders

Story Folder

Project Burndown Chart

Project Burn Down

Velocity Chart

Velocity Chart

Task Board

Task Board

Test Coverage

Test Coverage

How to Get Started with Agile and TestTrack

Check out the Agile TestTrack guide to learn more about managing Agile projects using TestTrack.

Our Going Agile with TestTrack class also provides an overview of getting started with Agile projects.

Already Using TestTrack?

The following videos show you how to configure TestTrack to manage your Agile project using Scrum:

New to TestTrack or Starting a New Project?

Download and install the Sample Scrum Project to start your project with TestTrack already configured for Agile development.

New to Agile?

Exploring Agile eBookExploring Agile: The Seapine Agile Expedition is your gateway into the world of Agile software development. This eBook provides a fun, easy introduction to the elements of Agile methods—from product backlogs and user stories to sprint reviews and retrospectives.
(eBook format: PDF)

Additional Resources

Working with Agile Projects in TestTrack

We have an ever-growing library of tutorial videos to help you use TestTrack's Agile features.

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