More Features (common to all versions)

Organize and Visualize Development and QA.

Welcome to your day.

Start your day with an at-a-glance view of the information most important to you, including assigned tasks and recent project activity.

More than a pretty face.

Work agilely, but maintain the ability to drill down to the messy details of complex product development.

TestTrack tracks hundreds of thousands of the smallest details.

Let's get organized.

Hierarchical folders provide a familiar metaphor for organizing projects.

Tabbed list windows make it easy to quickly switch between customized list views, instantly changing the column layout and filter results.

Seek and you shall find. Quickly.

Cut through the clutter with lightning-fast filters. These aren't your grandpa's filters either. Perform complex boolean operations to see only the data important to you.

Full-text search with wildcard support, case sensitivity, and more make finding the right records easier than ever.

Status at a glance.

Icons and stylized text indicate the status of development artifacts, giving you the big picture at a glance.

Let us calculate that for you.

When you need to calculate risk scores, metrics, complexity, dates, and anything else, TestTrack has the perfect solution—calculated fields. They're incredibly handy and powerful!

An Introduction to Calculated Fields

Tracking Metrics

Calculating Scores

Gain visibility into your relationships.

Add columns with linked item information to list windows—traceability couldn't be easier! Want to see more? Click a linked item to drill down to the details.

Model Your Workflow, Then Automate It.

What makes your process unique?

Every development team has its own way of getting things done—even within the same company. No problem. TestTrack's flexible workflow engine can handle the most complex processes...and the easy ones too.

Automate away lag time.

As work is completed at one stage of your process, TestTrack automatically moves it to the next. It's that easy. No more lag time.

There's No "I" in Collaborate.

We'll keep you in the loop.

TestTrack's powerful, rule-based notification engine keeps you and your team informed of work assignments, high priority issuess, test failures, and more.

Capture the conversation.

Integrated email support captures your conversations whether you are working in TestTrack or your Office applications.

Share it your way.

Produce Microsoft Word documents that include the exact data your team needs, in the exact Word format you want, using Word templates.

Your attention please!

Have information to communicate to your team? WYSIWYG note widgets give you a voice. Share getting started instructions with new team members, provide links to sprint data and reports, display team contact information, and more—all from your dashboards..

How Do You Spot a Trend?

So many reporting options!

If TestTrack is tracking it, you can report on it. Multiple report types and templates, dashboards, real-time charts—even support for external reporting services—help you stay on top of product development.

Customizable canned reports.

Analyze data and view key metrics with built-in list, detail, trend, and distribution reports.

These charts are alive!

Gain real-time insight into project status, problem areas, resource loads, and more with TestTrack's Live Charts.

Agile reports? Got those too.

Pull up burn down or burn up charts for your current sprint, use a velocity chart to see how much was delivered over past iterations, or review the resource allocation plan to balance your team's workload.

Unlimited dashboards.

Stay on top of project progress and team performance with multiple dashboards that are drag-and-drop simple to create.

Introducing TestTrack Dashboards

Lock the Gates. Secure Your IP.

Your role defines your access.

TestTrack's role-based security groups limit what you can see and access, the fields you can view and modify, and the commands you can execute.

Passwords. Your weakest link.

Data security begins with a strong password policy. TestTrack helps you enforce strict password creation and enforcement rules to reduce the vulnerability of your user accounts.

Sign here please.

For even more security, especially in regulated environments, electronic signatures control and track the creation, modification, or deletion of every development artifact.

One Solution for Your Entire Organization.

Flexible as a yogi.

Everything about TestTrack is configurable. You'll really appreciate that as your needs change.

What is your definition of "lots of records?"

TestTrack is a proven solution that runs on industry standard SQL databases and is optimized for large data sets. Oh, did we mention it's incredibly reliable too?

Trigger an action.

When you need even more control, configure TestTrack's server-side triggers to automatically send emails, modify data, enter events, or prevent actions. Triggers can also launch external applications and share data, such as calling into another application to run a test or collect data.

Put data in. Get data out.

With support for multiple import/export formats, including XML files and comma- or tab-delimited files, you'll always be able to migrate data from legacy solutions or exchange data between other applications.

SDK: Open for integration.

Automate processes, build custom solutions, and exchange data between TestTrack and other applications with a SOAP-based SDK.

Seapine's professional services team is always ready to help with custom tool integrations.

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