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Hybrid Agile that adapts to your way of getting things done.

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Why Helix ALM for Hybrid Agile Development?

Combine Agile and traditional development practices into the methodology that best fits your organization.

Incredible flexibility lets you use one product to manage every project, from the smallest to the most complex, from IT initiatives to shipping software.

No need to sacrifice compliance for Agile. Project artifact traceability is constructed for you as you plan, develop, and test.

Be as Agile as You Want To Be.

We accommodate YOUR process.

The best process is yours—Agile, waterfall, v-model, spiral, or any combination. Chances are your model is a hybrid with some degree of Agile. That's where Helix ALM shines, helping you capture, collaborate, and communicate using YOUR process.

Visualize work with task boards.

We find task boards are useful regardless of whether you are using Agile. They are an excellent way to visualize the status of tasks, defects, tests, and more, within your process.

One size does NOT fit all.

Backlog grooming, test planning, requirements decomposition, requirements reviews. They're all different, so they require different task boards. We support as many as you need.

Power under the hood.

Task boards are powered by Helix ALM's workflow engine, automation rules, field types, calculated fields, filters, link definitions, and so on, giving you infinite flexibility to model your processes and drive development.

See your data from more than one perspective.

Task boards are perfect for subsets of work and for a quick overview of project status. When working with large data sets, list views are much more efficient for filtering, sorting, and updating. We give you both—and the means to quickly switch perspectives.

Knowing Where You Are is as Important as Being There.

What do you want to know?

Make great decisions with our interactive dashboards and informative reports. Burn up and burn down, cumulative flow, velocity, release status, release planning, and release allocation are just a sample. Create and share new widgets, dashboards, and reports specific to your team's needs.

Totals at a glance.

Our handy rollups show you actual hours, estimated hours, remaining hours, percent done, or story points for all items in the swimlane.

Kanban: Go with the flow.

We'll calculate your cycle times so you can set the appropriate work-in-progress (WIP) limits. Set WIP limits by stage and we'll let you know when they are exceeded.

What's your velocity?

How fast and efficiently are you delivering features? We show your velocity in both hours and story points, giving you the best of both worlds.

View based on context.

Hierarchical document views are perfect for viewing the organization of user stories or requirements. When it's the status of each and their underlying tasks that you seek, we have a better view— it's called Group by Document.

Get the true story.

In the heat of your sprint, Helix ALM's relationship view lets you roll up by user stories to get a true view of the number of tasks in play, their status, and the time remaining to complete.

It's also great for requirements reviews when you want to see business requirements and supporting functional requirements.

Let Us Help You Get Things Done.

It's "work for you" flow.

If we really need information, we'll ask, otherwise our workflow keeps quiet and just moves work items through your process.

Decomposition made easy.

Decomposing is fast and easy, whether you're iterating on users stories to specify more specific stories or splitting large task cards into smaller more manageable chunks.

Break down user stories into tasks

In our blog: How to Split Items in Helix ALM

Create work from work.

We make it easy to create tasks and test cases from user stories and add related defects to any work item. We'll populate the new item with as much information as possible to save you time.

Smooth sprint planning.

We'll help your sprint planning meetings run smoothly, giving you the tools to make educated decisions about how work can reasonably be accomplished from the product backlog. After the sprint, we can help you compare actual versus estimates and understand whether your team has more or less capacity than originally estimated.

Keep your backlog well groomed.

When it's time to groom the backlog, our ranking capabilities and multiple task board views give your team the information and contexts needed to quickly complete the process within your timebox.

Git? We like it too.

If you're using Git, we support you. Attach source files from Git or GitHub to our work items during commits or directly from Helix ALM. Team members can view source files and meta information while working with the work items and check code coverage against work items in our matrix reports.

For a more feature rich version control tool, we support two-way integration with Surround SCM.

You Can Be Compliant While Agile.

The right process.

Step 1 in compliant Agile is having a secure, repeatable process. That's our workflow engine's bread-and-butter. Better yet, Helix ALM's automation rules and silent state transitions help it stay out of your way.

Relationships are important.

Step 2 is achieving traceability. Helix ALM stays out of the way and builds it for you in the background while you get things done—automatically linking user stories as you decompose them, for example.

Welcome to the matrix.

Step 3 is being able to use it. Now that you have traceability, you can perform relationship-based analysis with our traceability matrix. If you've ever produced and maintained a traceability matrix, you know how many hours Helix ALM is saving you.

More about the traceability matrix

Sign here. We'll wait.

If electronic signatures are part of your process, Helix ALM will prompt you at the appropriate times.

All of recorded history.

As you develop and test, we can capture all historically significant activities, giving you solid records when they become important.

Helix ALM's traceability matrix lets you perform coverage analysis by viewing the relationships between related items. For example, you may want to ensure that at least one test case has been generated for each approved requirement in a project. You can use the traceability matrix to compare requirements against test cases to see which requirements have test cases linked to them.

The traceability matrix displays items in rows and columns for comparison. Each item is listed by its item type tag and number, and the number in parentheses indicates the number of links or relationships.

requirements management traceability matrix

Relationships and links between two items are indicated by icons in the cells, which indicate the following:

  • Parent/child link: One item is the parent or child to the other item.
  • Peer link: The items are peers.
  • Parent/child relationship: The arrows point to the parent item. Only requirements display relationships in the traceability matrix.
  • Peer relationship: The requirements share two relationships that point in opposite directions. This will occur when requirements are used in multiple requirements documents, but have different relationships in each document.
  • Suspect item: One of the items has been marked as suspect.

Helix ALM's traceability matrix toolbar makes it easy to quickly show or hide content in the matrix. For example, to reduce the size of the matrix and the amount of information you have to sort through, you can remove rows and columns that do not contain a link or relationship.

Hybrid Agile is only part of our complete ALM story.

Safety-Critical? Be Agile Too!

In environments where traceability or compliance is a key concern, transitioning to agile can be challenging. Are you finding it difficult to:

  • Translate traditional terms and processes into agile
  • Meet regulatory requirements while adhering to the new methodology
  • Overcome resistance from within your organization

Learn how to leap the agile barriers and stay compliant

Transitioning to Agile in a Safety-Critical Environment

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