Helix ALM Helix ALM

Insanely flexible ALM for all phases of product development.

Manage all product development phases and artifacts—from requirements and user stories through QA cycles and deployment—with ONE SOLUTION.

Be as Agile or as waterfall as you want to be

h is the hybrid in hybrid-Agile. Let's face it, very few projects follow a pure development methodology, Helix ALM is simply the best hybrid-agile solution available--from pure waterfall to pure Agile and anywhere in between (including the way YOU work.)

Trace from requirements through test cases, test results, resolutions, and source code

Traceability in your product development process ensures quality and helps manage the impact of change. Complete forward and backward traceability is cost-effectively achievable through best practices and supporting tools—such as Helix ALM.

Achieve absolute clarity across the project lifecycle

Knowing when you are ready to ship, the impact of changes, who is assigned what tasks to complete, the weak points in your product, and so on, are answerable through visibility across the development lifecycle. With Helix ALM capturing all information about development artifacts, including ownership, status, and relationships, you can achieve absolute clarity, with fewer surprises and the ability to make better decisions.

Model, automate, and enforce your way of developing

Workflow, the states, events, and transitions that define the path development artifacts follow throughout their lifecycles. Helix ALM's no-compromise workflow engine includes states, events, transitions, assignment rules, escalation rules, triggers, and more. If it's part of your process, you can model it, automate it, and enforce it with Helix ALM.

Answer your project questions quickly and easily

It's easy to drown in the flood of information captured during product development, but you still need to make timely decisions. Helix ALM reporting has you covered. Customizable dashboards and reports help you measure impact, burn down rates, track project progress, and measure productivity to stay on top of quality. Plus, Helix ALM's folders, tabbed list windows, and lightning fast item list filters greatly reduce the need to create and run traditional reports.

No more asking "which is the most true?"

If you are using one tool to track requirements, another to track test cases, and yet a third to track issues and defects, you have two information silos too many and no reliable source of truth. Helix ALM manages and links all these development artifacts and more in one silo, so you know the test case linked to a requirement is ALWAYS the current test case, you know the status of a fixed defect is ALWAYS up-to-date. And, your reports to your manager are ALWAYS accurate.

One application to centralize and manage requirements, test cases, issues,
and other development artifacts and their relationships.

License only the capabilities you need and add others later.

Be Agile. Be Waterfall. Be Quality.

The best process is yours.

Agile, waterfall, v-model, spiral. All classic methodologies. We don't make you choose and chances are your model is a hybrid with a touch of Agile. That's where we shine—helping you capture, collaborate, and communicate using YOUR process.

No two task boards are alike.

Each team works a little differently—even in the same company. You can tailor a task-board specific to your team. Even create different task boards for how you work with sprints versus release planning.

Right view at the right time.

Task boards are great for working with subsets of work or for a quick overview of project status. When working with large data sets, lists views become a more efficient for filtering, sorting, and updating. Fortunately, we give you both.

Are we there yet?

The journey may be the reward, but it's also nice to know when you've reached a destination. Helix ALM's dashboards with burn up and burn down charts, plus myriad other charts and reports help manage your way to the finish line.

Agile...but compliant.

We'll help you adopt Agile, but also remain compliant. Our traceability, workflow engine, security, and logging have helped many companies achieve compliance in regulated industries, such as medical device development.

Projects Begin with Requirements (or User Stories)

Start with the last word.

Are you a team of one? Didn't think so. Helix ALM is collaborative, supports your processes, facilitates reviews, and does it all in parallel for faster product development. Microsoft Word wasn't designed for that.

Capture. Decompose. Organize.

Capture requirements from the start of project. Decompose them from marketing and business into system and functional requirements. Classify and organize them by types, including risk. Along the way Helix ALM maintains hierarchy and tracks relationships.

This requirement is approved and cannot be changed—by you anyway. When you see a here, you know that requirement was marked suspect and needs to be reviewed.

Status in real-time.

Reduce confusion and duplicated effort, and save time determining the status of requirements. Know at-a-glance which requirements need to be reviewed versus those that have been approved.

Give everyone a voice.

Business Analysts, QA engineers, software and hardware engineers, subject-matter experts—all can provide valuable points of view during the requirements definition process. Give them a voice.

Format like an Office document

Enjoy full control over the formatting of requirements, including text styling, bulleting, tables, inline pictures, highlighting, and more.

Long documents? No problem.

Big projects have lots of requirements. Helix ALM's fast filters cut through the clutter to show you only those requirements you care about.

Test Cases. Integral to Proving Quality.

You are here.

"When is quality good enough?" Isn't that the fundamental question? We provide the visibility to help you make more informed decisions.

Organize lots of tests.

We can manage as many tests as you can create. So start writing test cases and don't forget to organize them. We can help you do that well too.

Recycling. It's a good thing.

Share test cases across test suites. Use variants to eliminate writing duplicate test cases for multiple browsers, game consoles, or operating systems. You can do more with less.

We're your test management hub.

Remotely start automated tests and collect the results. Capture defects in Helix ALM or third-party tools such as Jira. Convert defects into new test cases and test cases into requirements.

Defects and Changes Happen. Manage Them.

Who doesn't have issues?

It's how you handle them that matters. We can categorize, organize, and help you CLOSE as many as your team can create. Our scalability and flexibility are legendary (and award-winning.)

More than a description.

Issue type and description? That's just the start. We track everything so you can confidently know now to reproduce problems, the change history, source files affected, test cases failed, related issues, and more—everything!

Find the needle.

When you can track hundreds of thousands of issues without breaking a sweat, you need to make sure you can also quickly find what is important at the moment. Fortunately, we have that covered too with multi-stage filters, full-text search, type-ahead search, on-the-fly column filters, and more.

Keep customers in the loop.

Capture issues and feedback from customers, and continue the dialog. Store email interactions with issues. Make sure customers know when their issues are solved or feature requests are implemented.

Part of your tool chain.

You've optimized how you work. That's great, we'll adapt to you. Access and manage issues from your favorite IDEs, Office applications, source control tools—from wherever you are. We don't interrupt your workflow, we integrate into it.

Dashboards. Know what's happening as it happens.

Introducing Helix ALM Dashboards

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