Surround SCM What's New in Surround SCM 2016.1

Web enhancements, better label management, and more.

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Working off site and need to make a quick change to a file? Or, working in the QA lab and missing files? Use the Surround SCM Web client to check in a changed file or quickly download all the files in a repository.

Surround SCM web client check in

Surround SCM + TestTrack > Version Control.

Surround SCM provides unsurpassed version control. And, when integrated with TestTrack, you gain complete change management. Version 2016.1 includes even tighter integration with TestTrack. You can now:

  • Attach committed changelists, and changelists with rename or remove events, to TestTrack items
  • Go straight to a TestTrack item by number

Go to TestTrack item by number

Improved label management.

If you label large numbers of files, performance has been improved and it's now even easier to manage those labels.

  • Stop wondering if files are being retrieved—a progress indicator lets you know Surround SCM is retrieving a list of files.
  • Search for files and repositories by name to find the labeled files you need to work with.
  • See the number of missing, different, and identical labels when viewing label differences. Missing and different files are also highlighted in separate colors so you can quickly differentiate between them.

Label differences highlighting

API enhancements you'll want to know about.

Finally, if you use the Surround SCM API, you can now get and set workflow states and custom fields.

Surround SCM 2016

Wondering what you may have missed in Surround SCM 2016?

Electronic signatures

Ensuring you meet internal and external compliance regulations, such as the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11, means you must be able to capture electronic signatures at key points in your development process. With Surround SCM's electronic signatures, you can now track who signed off on files, when, and why.

Audit trail reports

Capturing electronic signatures is the first step, but how do you prove compliance when an auditor comes knocking? Quickly run an audit trail report to review and validate signature records.

Context-sensitive syntax highlighting

Context-sensitive syntax highlighting makes it easier to edit and review source files. Based on the popular Kate Editor format, Surround SCM 2016 handles most common syntax formats by default with support for hundreds of additional formats available.

Quick access to reports

Surround SCM has a rich set of reports available to help you stay on top of development. Surround SCM 2016 makes accessing them easier than ever, including letting you customize shortcut menus so common reports are always one click away.