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Take the Pain Out of Stress Testing

Running stress and boundary tests can be such a pain. You have to set up countless virtual machines to test for every possible strain the app might encounter, and every new release requires setting them all up again with new parameters.

With QA Wizard Pro, virtual machines are a thing of the past. You can make the app think there's no disk space, or network connectivity has failed, or any other real-world condition you need to simulate. Because there's no virtual environment limiting disk or memory space, you can also use other tools while the test is running.

QA Wizard Pro lets you simulate real-world challenges for your Windows and Java applications without the need for virtual machines:

  • Disable or throttle network connectivity
  • Limit access to memory and disk space
  • Simulate read-only disk access

With QA Wizard Pro, you don't need virtual machines for stress testing.

Stress testing with QA Wizard Pro

Stress Testing with QA Wizard Pro

Start recording and running tests for only $1,495!

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