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Testing .NET Windows Forms Applications with QA Wizard Pro

Article ID: 834  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

QA Wizard Pro recognizes .NET Windows Forms controls uniquely, which helps you record and run tests without spending extra time setting up the testing environment or the application repository.

During recording, QA Wizard captures the following .NET Windows Forms control properties. These properties are saved in the application repository and can be used as search criteria to locate controls during playback.

  • Name–If a name was assigned to the control during development, it is captured and used as the default Name property value for the control. The Name is used as the default logical name for the control in the application repository. Used as default search criteria.
  • Control Name Path–If the .NET Windows Forms application contains user controls, QA Wizard Pro captures the unique Control Name Path property. The property value contains the names of the control and all its ancestors. Used as default search criteria.
  • Dot NET Class Name–The fully-qualified name of the .NET class. Not used as default search criteria.

Note: If QA Wizard Pro cannot locate a control in the .NET Windows Forms application during playback, you may want to select the LeftControlText or TopControlText properties as search criteria.

Article ID: 834  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
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