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Changing Default Search Criteria for Control Types in QA Wizard Pro

Article ID: 833  |  Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017

Note: The following information only applies to controls that use the Standard search method.

During playback, QA Wizard Pro searches for windows and controls using the search criteria selected in the window/control Properties dialog box. When QA Wizard Pro adds a control to the application repository, it selects the properties to use as search criteria based on the type of control.

If the controls in an application contain a unique property that will make it easier for scripts to locate them, you can change the default search criteria for a specific control type by editing the defaultidentificationitems.xml file in QA Wizard Pro application directory. You may also decide to change the default search criteria based on your knowledge of the technology used to develop test applications if you are consistently changing the search criteria for a specific type of control.

Note: Always back up the XML file before modifying it. Incorrectly changing this file can cause QA Wizard Pro to stop working. Changes to default search criteria do not affect existing controls, but apply to all future recording and playback sessions.

The defaultidentificationitems.xml file is an xml file with the following record structure:



   <SpecificType>.NET RadioButton</SpecificType>






Each record includes the following tags:

  • ControlArchType—Identifies the control type.
  • SpecificType—Defines the specific control subtype (e.g., a browser push button). If the search criteria does not apply to a control subtype, an * appears in the SpecificType tag.
  • IdentificationProperties—Contains the names of the properties used as search criteria. You can add as many properties as you need. Before changing the identification property, check the spelling and format on the Properties tab in the window or control Properties dialog box.

Note: You must restart QA Wizard Pro for the changes to take effect.

Article ID: 833  |   Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017
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