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QA Wizard Pro Workspace Conversion

Article ID: 830  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

QA Wizard Pro 2009.1 and later uses a new workspace file format that allows you to create folders in workspaces to organize scripts, batch files, and datasheets. A message is displayed if you try to open a workspace in an old or unknown format.

If the workspace is in an old format, you are prompted to convert the workspace to a version that QA Wizard Pro can recognize. You can upgrade the workspace or open it as read-only.

If the workspace is in an unknown format, you cannot open it. The workspace was most likely created in a newer version of QA Wizard Pro than the one you are using. You need to upgrade to the latest version of QA Wizard Pro to open the workspace.

Article ID: 830  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
workspace conversion

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