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Running QA Wizard 4 Scripts in QA Wizard Pro

Article ID: 828  |  Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014

QA Wizard 4 scripts are not compatible with QA Wizard Pro. However, you can run QA Wizard 4 batch files using a QA Wizard Pro script. This is helpful if you are using QA Wizard Pro but want to run old scripts in QA Wizard 4.

Note: QA Wizard 4, QA Wizard Pro, and the tested application must be installed on the test computer.

  1. Create a batch file in QA Wizard 4.
  2. In QA Wizard Pro, choose File > New > Script.
  3. Enter a File name and click Save.
  4. Choose Script > Add Statement.
  5. Select the Run Command statement.
  6. Enter the full path to the .qawbat file in the Executable path field or click Browse to select it. If you browse to locate the batch file, make sure that All Files is selected in the Files of type  field in the Open dialog box.
  7. Enter the full path to the Working directory. This field is automatically completed if you browse to locate the Executable path.
  8. Optionally enter any Command line arguments.
  9. Click OK to add the statement to the script.
  10. Repeat steps 4 - 6 to run additional batch files from the script.
  11. Run the script. If the script runs multiple batch files, the scripts in one batch file run and finish before the next batch runs.
Article ID: 828  |   Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014
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