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QA Wizard Pro Cannot Locate a Repository Item

Article ID: 827  |  Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017


A script fails during playback and an error similar to the following is returned:

'Cannot locate the local:WysiCorp Login/1.0/Wysicorp - Feedback Acknowledgement/editbox8 repository item in the running application. Searched for 30 seconds.'


During playback, QA Wizard Pro searches for windows and controls using the Standard, XPath, or Function search method, which is selected in the window/control properties. The Standard search method is selected by default for all Windows and Java controls, and HTML controls added to the application repository in QA Wizard Pro 2016.2 or earlier. This method locates controls using application properties and expected values as search criteria. The default search criteria can be used during playback to successfully locate controls most of the time. However, there are instances when the default search criteria is not the best way to locate a control.

For example, the default search criteria for HTML text boxes includes the Tag ID (corresponds to the HTML ID value), Name, and Vertical Repeat Index (only if there is more than one text input box on the page) properties. In web applications with dynamically-generated content, the Name or Tag ID may change each time the page loads. This can prevent QA Wizard Pro from locating the control using the value saved in the application repository.


Change the standard search criteria for the window or control to better identify it during playback.

If QA Wizard Pro still cannot locate the control after changing the criteria, you can modify the control to use the XPath (HTML controls only) or Function search method instead.

Article ID: 827  |   Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017
playback search criteria cannot locate repository item

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