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QA Wizard Pro Recognizes Multiple Controls as the Same Control

Article ID: 826  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

Note: The following information only applies to controls that use the Standard search method.

Each application window and control has a set of properties that are captured by QA Wizard Pro during recording and saved in the application repository. These properties are used as search criteria to find controls during playback and uniquely identify controls in the repository so duplicates are not added during subsequent recordings.

QA Wizard Pro automatically selects a unique set of properties to use as search criteria. A control is successfully located when its actual property values match the selected search criteria.

If an application has multiple instances of the same control, QA Wizard Pro may only add one instance to the application repository. For example, a web page uses an image link with the same href, text, and image file name in multiple places. The href, text, and image file name are properties of the image link that are used as default search criteria. QA Wizard Pro cannot uniquely identify each instance of the image link because the values of the properties used as search criteria are identical for each control.

Scripts fail if they interact with a control that is not saved in the application repository. You need to capture the additional instances of duplicate controls if the script performs actions on them.

  1. Edit the search criteria for the control in the application repository so it is unique from other instances of the control.
  2. Record a test script to capture another instance of the control. Because you changed the search criteria for the control that was captured during the initial recording, QA Wizard Pro adds another entry for one of the identical controls to the application repository.
  3. Edit the search criteria for the new control so it is unique.
  4. Repeat all steps until each instance of the control captured in the application repository. 

If the application contains a large number of duplicate controls, it may be easier to change the default search criteria for the control type. The default search criteria is set in the defaultidentificationitems.xml file, which is stored in the QA Wizard Pro application directory.

Note: Make a backup copy of the XML file before modifying it. Incorrectly changing this file can cause QA Wizard Pro to stop working. Make sure you understand the changes you are making and how they may impact other scripts. Changes to search criteria do not affect existing scripts, but apply to all future recording and playback sessions.

The following example includes a block from the XML file that identifies the default search criteria for .NET custom controls. The properties used as search criteria are Name and ControlNamePath.



 <specifictype>.NET GenericControl</specifictype>






To change the default search criteria, locate the control type and add the properties to use as search criteria in tags. Use your knowledge of the application to select the best search criteria for the control. ParentRelativeTopCoordinate and ParentRelativeLeftCoordinate generally work well for Windows applications.

If a property name contains spaces, delete the spaces when you add the property to the XML file. For example, ParentRelativeTopCoordinate instead of Parent Relative Top Coordinate.

Note: You must restart QA Wizard Pro after modifying the defaultidentificationitems.xml file.

Article ID: 826  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
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