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Silverlight Applications Stop Responding in Internet Explorer When Recording or Running QA Wizard Pro Scripts

Article ID: 820  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

Note: The following information only applies to QA Wizard Pro 2016.1 and earlier.


Recording or running scripts in QA Wizard Pro stops when testing Silverlight applications using Internet Explorer and one of the following errors is returned:

'The target application is not responding.'


'Error communicating with the target application.'


The Microsoft UI Automation API may cause the application to lock up if message boxes are displayed using the MessageBox.Show method and the application runs in Silverlight runtime version 2 or 3.


Upgrade to Silverlight runtime version 4 or later and record or run the script again.

Article ID: 820  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
Internet Explorer Silverlight message box not responding error communicating

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