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Using Multiple Applications in a QA Wizard Pro Script

Article ID: 815  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

You can use more than one application or running process to perform steps in a single QA Wizard Pro script. For example, if a script tests an application that generates output, you may want to add the output to another application before the script finishes. You can use script control statements to connect to another application after using the initial application.

When you record a script, the following statements are automatically added to the beginning of the script:

  • The SetContext statement establishes a connection to the application repository. This connection is required because it tells QA Wizard Pro which version in the application repository to use when comparing controls to the application during playback.
  • The RunApp statement starts the application specified in the SetContext statement.
  • If you connected to a Windows application that was running on the test computer, a ConnectToProcess statement is added to the script.

Before QA Wizard Pro can run another application or in a script, it must terminate the existing connection to the application repository so the new one can be established. The ClearContext statement disconnects the script from the application repository.

To connect to another application in a script:

  1. Add the ClearContext statement after the last step that the first application performs.
  2. Add a SetContext statement that specifies the application and version to connect to in the application repository.
  3. Add a RunApp statement or ConnectToProcess statement. This statement does not require any arguments.
  4. Record or manually add the steps that you want the script to perform in the second application.
Article ID: 815  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
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