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QA Wizard Pro Google Chrome Support

Article ID: 807  |  Last updated: 08 Feb, 2018

Following are limitations for testing applications in Google Chrome with QA Wizard Pro.

Make sure you are using a supported Chrome version. Chrome 68 and later are not supported because of architectural changes to Chrome.

Required extension

The QA Wizard Pro Chrome Capture extension is used to capture window and control information from web applications. You are prompted to enable the extension the first you start Chrome after installing QA Wizard Pro.

Always keep the extension installed and enabled to continue recording and running scripts in Chrome. If the extension is disabled or removed, refer to the Chrome help for information about enabling or adding extensions. 


To support recording and running scripts against HTTPS web sites in Chrome, SSL encryption must be enabled in the QA Wizard Pro general options. Enabling this option adds a self-signed certificate to the browser Trusted Root Certification Authorities store the first time you record or run a script in Chrome. See the QA Wizard Pro help for information.

Note: Chrome HTTPS support is not available in QA Wizard Pro on Windows Vista.

Unsupported Chrome features

The following Chrome features cannot be tested with QA Wizard Pro.

  • Bookmarks bar, including buttons and popup menus in the bar
  • Incognito mode (private browsing)
  • PDF view mode
  • Specific navigation bar features:
    • Bookmark this page button and the corresponding popup menu
    • Dropdown menu of suggested URLs
    • Search text
    • View site information button and the corresponding popup menu

Load testing

Chrome cannot be used to record load testing scripts. You can use Internet Explorer or Firefox to record load testing scripts. You can use Chrome user agents to simulate browser versions when running load tests.

Article ID: 807  |   Last updated: 08 Feb, 2018
Chrome support extension limitations

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