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1053 Error When Starting the QA Wizard Pro Global Repository Service

Article ID: 806  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017


The following error is returned when starting the QA Wizard Pro global repository service (QAWRepository.exe or QAWServer.exe) on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008:

'Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion'


The Windows security configuration may prevent the QAWRepository service Log On As user from starting the service.


Run the QAWRepository service as a user with local administrative privileges.

  1. Right-click My Computer and choose Manage.
  2. Expand Services and Applications and click Services.
  3. Double-click QAWRepository in the right pane.
  4. Click the Log On tab.
  5. Select 'This account' and enter the username and password for the local administrative user to run the repository service.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Start the QAWRepository service.
Article ID: 806  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
Windows Server 2003 global repository Windows Server 2008 1053

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