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Locating DOS Batch File Run Reports for QA Wizard Pro

Article ID: 797  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

If you use a DOS batch file to run multiple scripts from multiple workspaces, QA Wizard Pro run reports are created in a Reports subdirectory of the scripts directory.

In the following example, a batch file runs multiple scripts from multiple workspaces.

"C:\Program Files\Perforce\QA Wizard Pro\QAWRunScript.exe" "C:\Workspaces\Issues\Issues.qawwspace"
"C:\Workspaces\Issues\AddIssue.qawscript" /Remote user6

"C:\Program Files\Perforce\QA Wizard Pro\QAWRunScript.exe"
"C:\Workspaces\Test Cases\Test Cases.qawwspace"
"C:\Workspaces\Test Cases\AddTestCase.qawscript" /waittime 120 /Remote user6

The reports for these batch files are created in the following directories:

  • C:\Workspaces\Issues\Reports
  • C:\Workspaces\Test Cases\Reports
Article ID: 797  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
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