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Surround SCM CruiseControl Integration

Article ID: 772  |  Last updated: 04 May, 2017

Surround SCM supports integration with CruiseControl. See Surround SCM Third-Party Integrations for supported platforms and versions.

This article includes information about creating the configuration file and troubleshooting.

Creating the configuration file

After all the application project files are added to Surround SCM, you can add the Surround SCM bootstrapper and modification set to the configuration file. See the CruiseControl Configuration Reference for information about using these elements in the configuration file.

Note: You must provide the Surround SCM Server connection information in the bootstrapper and modification set. If you received a server settings file for RSA key exchange from your Surround SCM administrator, you must specify the full path to the XML file instead of the server address and port number.

The attached file is an example configuration file for a Java application named MessageRunner, which is compiled from an example Ant build.xml file.


Use the CruiseControl logs (e.g. C:\Program Files\CruiseControl\logs) to troubleshoot failed builds.

Article ID: 772  |   Last updated: 04 May, 2017

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