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Surround SCM Oracle JDeveloper Integration

Article ID: 767  |  Last updated: 22 Feb, 2018

Surround SCM supports integration with Oracle JDeveloper. See Surround SCM Third-Party Integrations for information about supported platforms and versions.

This article includes information about installing the extension, connecting to Surround SCM, configuring versioning preferences, and performing Surround SCM actions.

Installing the extension

  1. In JDeveloper, choose Help > Check for Updates.
  2. Select Search Update Centers.
  3. Select Open Source and Partners Extensions and click Next.
  4. Select the Surround SCM JDeveloper Extension and click Next. The plug-in download starts.
  5. Click Finish when the download is complete. You are prompted to restart JDeveloper.
  6. Restart JDeveloper.

Connecting to Surround SCM

  1. Choose Versioning > Connect to Surround SCM.
  2. Select a Server, enter your Username and Password, and click Connect. You are prompted to select a Surround SCM repository if the JDeveloper workspace root local directory is not associated with a repository.
  3. Select the repository to associate with the workspace directory and click OK.

Configuring versioning preferences

You can configure the plug-in to silently add, get, check out, and check in files and undo check out. Silent actions are automatically performed using the user options configured in Surround SCM without opening the corresponding Surround SCM dialog box.

  1. Choose Tools > Preferences.
  2. Expand Versioning and click Surround SCM.
  3. Select the options to enable and click OK.

Performing Surround SCM actions

You can access the following Surround SCM actions from the Team > Surround SCM menu: Add, Get, Check Out, Undo Check Out, Check In, Rename, and Remove. You can also work with changelists, view file differences, history, and properties, and start Surround SCM from this menu.

Note: To access Surround SCM actions in JDeveloper 11, choose Versioning > Surround SCM.

Viewing file status

You can view the status of local files in the Application Navigator. See the Surround SCM help for information about status icons.

Committing pending changes

You can view files you checked out and modified and local files not yet added to Surround SCM in the Surround SCM Pending Changes pane.

  1. To display the pane in JDeveloper 12, choose Window > Team > Pending Changes (Surround SCM).
    To display the pane in JDeveloper 11, choose View > Team > Pending Changes (Surround SCM).
  2. Click Commit Changes to check in modified files or add new files to Surround SCM.
  3. Click Undo Check Out to discard any changes made to the file and check it in to Surround SCM.

Exporting to add applications to Surround SCM

You can export a JDeveloper application to add it to Surround SCM.

  1. Choose File > Export.
  2. Select Workspace to Surround SCM. The Surround SCM Repository Browser opens.
  3. Select the repository to export the workspace to or click Create Repository to create one.
  4. Click OK. The Add Files dialog box opens.
  5. Select any options and click OK.

Importing to get repositories from Surround SCM

You can import a repository to JDeveloper to recursively get local copies of all files in a repository.

  1. Choose File > Import. The Surround SCM Repository Browser opens.
  2. Select the repository to retrieve and click OK.
Article ID: 767  |   Last updated: 22 Feb, 2018
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