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Surround SCM Integration Does Not Work if the TestTrack Client and Server are Installed on the Same Computer

Article ID: 745  |  Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

Note: This information only applies to the TestTrack Pro 7.5 integration with Surround 5.0.0.


On Windows, integrating the TestTrack Pro 7.5 Client with Surround 5.0.0 does not work if the TestTrack 7.5 Server application is installed on the same computer as the client. The following error is returned:

The provider DLL could not be loaded.


The Qt libraries are not compatible between the TestTrack Pro 7.5 Server and the Surround SCM 5.0.0 integration library.


Remove the TestTrack Server application from the computer and install it on another computer, if needed.


Copy the TestTrack Client to a different directory than the TestTrack Server.

Article ID: 745  |   Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014
Windows provider DLL

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