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Integrating Surround SCM with IDEs

Article ID: 738  |  Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015

About the integration

Surround SCM supports the Microsoft Source Code Control API. This lets users communicate with Surround from Windows-based integrated development environments (IDE) that support SCC integration (SCCI), such as Visual Studio.

The SCC functionality may vary depending on the IDE. The following common features are available through the SCCI:

  • Create Project from Surround
  • Add Files to Surround
  • Remove Files from Surround
  • Get Files
  • Check In Files
  • Check Out Files
  • Undo Check Out
  • View History
  • View Differences

Selecting a default SCC provider

Surround SCM can be registered as the default SCC provider during installation (on Windows). The default SCC provider is established in the SourceCodeControlProvider (SCCP) registry key. The IDE determines how to locate and communicate with the default SCM application based on the information in the SCCP registry key. After the integration is enabled, IDEs can automatically access Surround's features.

Verifying the default SCC provider

The following registry entry is recorded during the Surround SCCI installation.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SourceCodeControlProvider] ProviderRegKey=Software\Seapine Software\Surround SCM\Scci

To verify or change the default SCC provider browse to the registry key using the Registry Editor (regedit). Incorrectly editing the registry may severely damage your system. Before making changes to the registry, you should back up any valued data on your computer. Only experienced Windows Administrators should make changes to the registry.

Accessing Surround SCM from an IDE

Check the following before you access Surround:

  • Make sure the Surround SCM Server is running
  • Verify your Surround login information

The Surround SCM administrator should check the following:

  • Make sure users have security rights to add repositories and add files to repositories
  • At least one mainline branch must be created in Surround before uses can successfully add IDE project files to Surround

About the Surround SCM working directory

The IDE project path or workspace location mirrors the working directory of the repository you are using to manage project files in Surround. The project path and working directory must always be the same. For example, if the project path is C:\Project Files\MyWork then the Surround SCM working directory must be set to: C:\Project Files\MyWork.

The working directory was not set correctly if the following error message opens: Invalid Repository or Repository Name. Make sure the project path and working directory are using the same directory path.

Note: The Surround SCM Integrations knowledgebase category includes integration installation instructions, set up information, and troubleshooting help.

Article ID: 738  |   Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015

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