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Redirecting Surround SCM Web Data from Apache or IIS Web Servers

Article ID: 735  |  Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017

Surround SCM Web uses a standalone web server that requires minimal setup. If you use Apache or Microsoft IIS to host other Helix ALM web applications, you can configure redirects on the existing web server to send data from browsers to the Surround SCM Web Server. You may want to redirect data to provide consistent URLs for all Helix ALM products (e.g., and

Note: The following information applies only to Apache 2.2 and later and IIS 7 and later. If you use a different version, see the web server help for information about redirecting URLs.


  1. Open the httpdf.conf file in the Apache application directory.
  2. Add the following line, replacing the server address and port number with the information for the Surround SCM Web Server.
    Redirect /sscmweb/ http://localhost:8090/sscmweb/

Note: If virtual hosts are configured on your Apache server, add the redirect statement to all hosts to redirect. See the Apache help for information.


  1. Install the IIS URL Rewrite 2.0 extension.
  2. Open IIS Manager.
  3. In the Connections pane, expand the Sites node and select the Default Web Site.
  4. Double-click URL Rewrite.
  5. Click Add Rule(s). The Add Rules(s) dialog box opens.
  6. Select the Inbound rules Blank rule template and click OK. The Edit Inbound Rule dialog box opens.
  7. Enter the rule Name.
    You will create a separate rule if you use HTTPS, so you may want to mention HTTP in the rule name to identify it.
  8. Expand the Match URL options and enter the following information.
    • Requested URL—Matches the Pattern
    • Using—Wildcards
    • Pattern—sscmweb*
    • Ignore case—<selected>
  9. Expand the Conditions options and click Add.
  10. Enter the following information in the Add Condition dialog box and click OK.
    • Condition input—{HTTPS}
    • Check if input string—Matches the Pattern
    • Pattern—off
    • Ignore case—<selected>
  11. Expand the Actions options and enter the following information.
    • Action type—Redirect
    • Redirect URL—http://{SERVER_NAME}:8090/{R:0}
      Note: You can use the {SERVER_NAME} variable in the redirect URL if IIS and the Surround SCM Web Server are running on the same computer. The redirect URL must specify the Surround SCM Web server address and port number.
    • Append query string—<selected>
    • Redirect type—Permanent (301)
  12. Click Apply to save the rule.
  13. If you use HTTPS, repeat steps 5-12 to create an inbound rule for HTTPS URLs. Change the condition and redirect URL to apply to HTTPS using the following values.
    • Condition input—{HTTPS}
    • Check if input string—Matches the Pattern
    • Pattern—on
    • Redirect URL—https://{SERVER_NAME}:8090/{R:0}
Article ID: 735  |   Last updated: 07 Jun, 2017
Apache IIS

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