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Surround SCM Files Not Updated After Check In

Article ID: 730  |  Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014

There are a few scenarios when version numbers do not change when checking in files to Surround SCM, which indicates the files are not updated. Surround SCM uses the modified timestamp to determine if files should be updated during check in. If the timestamp is the same as when the file was retrieved from Surround SCM, the file is not updated when it is checked in, but the lock is removed.

Following are reasons the timestamp may not be updated and ways to ensure files are updated during check in. 

Changes were not saved in the application used to update the file

The file may still be open in the application with unsaved changes.

Make sure the changed file is saved in your working directory before checking it in. You can check the modified date in the working directory to determine when the file was last saved. If the file was not updated, make the changes and save it again.

A script checked out and updated the file quickly

A script used to automatically check out, update, and save the changed file may have performed the tasks too quickly to change the file’s modified timestamp.

If you know the file changes were saved, you can use the -u option with the checkin CLI command to force the check in and update the version.

An application saved the file as read-only and did not update the timestamp

The application used to update the file may have saved it as read-only without modifying the timestamp. This can occur in some Linux editors.

If you know the file changes were saved, you can force Surround SCM to check in files and update the version.

  1. In Surround SCM, select the file to check in and choose Activities > Check In.
  2. Expand the Advanced options in the Check In dialog box.
  3. Select Update version even if no change is made.
  4. Click OK. The file is updated and the version number is incremented by one.
Article ID: 730  |   Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014
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