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Moving Surround SCM and SQL Server Databases Between Computers

Article ID: 727  |  Last updated: 23 May, 2017

This article explains how to move Surround SCM and SQL Server databases from one computer to another. Ask your DBA for help with backing up, creating, and restoring SQL Server databases.

  1. Back up the source SQL Server databases

    Create a backup of the Surround SCM Server database and any other SQL Server databases you want to move to the destination computer, such as databases that only host mainline branches.

    Note: The server database contains data source names (DSNs) for mainline-only RDBMS connections, which can only be used by one Surround SCM Server at a time. If you want to use the same DSNs on the destination computer, no additional backup steps are required. If you want to move a mainline-only database and use a different DSN on the destination computer, you must remove the RDBMS connection and all its mainline branches from Surround SCM before backing up the database. Refer to the Surround SCM help for information about removing RDBMS connections and mainline branches.
  2. Install the Surround SCM Server and SQL Server on the destination computer

    Run the Surround SCM installer on the destination computer and install the Surround SCM Server as a service. The same Surround SCM version must be installed on both computers. When you are prompted to set the server database connection, select ODBC- SQL Server as the type and enter the DSN to use for the server database.
  3. Create empty SQL Server databases on the destination computer

    Create one database for the server database and one database for each additional mainline-only database you are moving.
  4. Restore the databases from the source computer to the new SQL Server databases on the destination computer

  5. Create DSNs for the restored databases

    Use the Microsoft ODBC Administrator to create DSNs for each database. The server database DSN must match the DSN entered during Surround SCM installation. If you did not remove other RDBMS connections and mainline branches from the source Surround SCM Server, DSNs for mainline-only databases must match the DSNs used on the source computer.
  6. Configure the Surround SCM Server database on the destination computer

    Use the following steps to configure the server database.
    1. Start the Helix ALM License Server if it is not running.
    2. Start the Surround SCM Server service if it is not running.
    3. Start the Surround SCM Client, configure a connection to the new server, and log in to it. You are prompted to configure the database location.
    4. Click Yes. The Connection information dialog box opens.
    5. Select ODBC as the Connection Type and enter the server database connection information. If you use Windows authentication in the ODBC connection, you can leave the username and password fields empty.
    6. Click OK. You are prompted to reconfigure the server database.
    7. Click Yes and restart the Surround SCM Server.
  7. Optionally create RDBMS connections and add existing mainline branches to the destination server

    If you used the same DSNs on both computers for mainline-only databases, the RDBMS connections are automatically added to Surround SCM when the server database is configured and no additional steps are needed. If you used different DSNs, you must create RDBMS connections to the mainline-only databases in Surround SCM and add the existing mainline branches to the new server. Refer to the Surround SCM help for information about adding RDBMS connections and existing mainline branches.
Article ID: 727  |   Last updated: 23 May, 2017
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