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Cannot Upgrade or Create Oracle Databases after Upgrading Surround SCM

Article ID: 712  |  Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014

Note: This information only applies to Surround SCM 2011 and later using an Oracle database.


After upgrading Surround SCM, you cannot upgrade or create Oracle databases. The following error is displayed in the SCMStartup.log file:

'ORA-01031: Insufficient Privileges'


The Surround SCM Server could not create the required SCMBRANCHREPOPATH function in the Oracle database because the Oracle user account does not have the required permissions.


  1. Stop the Surround SCM Server if it is running.
  2. Enable the CREATE PROCEDURE permission for the Oracle user account used to connect to the Surround SCM Server. Refer to Oracle’s documentation for information.
  3. Restart the Surround SCM Server.
Article ID: 712  |   Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014
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