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Supported WebDAV Actions for Mac OS X

Article ID: 682  |  Last updated: 12 Aug, 2016

Note: The following information only applies to Surround SCM 2016.0 and earlier.

The Surround SCM WebDAV CGI allows you to access source files using a Web browser, a Windows network place, the Mac OS X Finder, a Linux filesystem path, and WebDAV-enabled applications.

WebDAV is an open standard, which means the available functionality depends on the web server configuration, the client application used to access files, and how the client application works with the web server.

Following are configurations commonly used to access files via WebDAV when the Surround SCM WebDAV CGI is hosted on an Apache web server on Mac OS X. The supported actions for each client application are provided. Keep in mind that these are examples and the results vary based on the web server version and client application version.

Client Supported actions
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (all platforms) View file list
Get (download files)
Mac OS X 10.4 Finder Get (download files)
View repository/file properties
Rename repositories/files
Remove repositories/files
Linux davfs 0.2.3 Get (download files)
View repository/file properties
Add files
Modify files (check in)
Check out exclusively
Create repositories
Rename repositories/files
Remove repositories/files
Article ID: 682  |   Last updated: 12 Aug, 2016
Mac OS X Apache WebDAV

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