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Registering the Surround SCM SSCM Protocol

Article ID: 663  |  Last updated: 12 May, 2017

Surround SCM uses the SSCM protocol to provide hyperlink access to branches, repositories, and files. Surround SCM addresses begin with the sscm:// prefix. For example, sscm://

The SSCM protocol must be registered so that applications associate the protocol with the Surround SCM executable. When Surround SCM is installed on Windows, the SSCM protocol is automatically registered in the registry.

If you use Surround SCM on another supported operating system, you need to manually register the SSCM protocol in applications such as web browsers and email programs. See the operating system or application documentation for  information about registering a protocol handler. For example, see the Mozilla information. Replace 'foo' with 'sscm' in the example.

You can disable the SSCM protocol registration in the Surround SCM user options. You may want to do this if you use multiple versions of Surround SCM and want to use a different Surround SCM executable to handle sscm:// addresses. To disable the registration, choose Tools > User Options. Click the Integrations category. Clear the 'Enable sscm:// protocol' option. Selecting this option registers the current Surround SCM executable as the handler for the SSCM protocol.

Article ID: 663  |   Last updated: 12 May, 2017
sscm:// hyperlinks protocol

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