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About the .MySCMServerInfo File

Article ID: 651  |  Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

When you get or check out a file from Surround SCM, a .MySCMServerInfo file is generated and placed in your working directory. The .MySCMServerInfo file stores information about the local files in your working directory such as the name of the file, location on the server, timestamp, and latest merge performed. When you log in, Surround SCM uses the .MySCMServerInfo file to determine if your local files are up to date or out of sync with the Surround SCM Server. This information is used to generate values shown in the Status column in the Source Tree view.

Status Explanation

The Status column in the Source Tree view displays the status of local files in your working directory. Surround files can have the following status:

  • Current: The local file is the same as the current file on the Surround SCM Server.
  • Missing: The file cannot be found on your computer.
  • Modified: The local file was modified and is different from the file on the Surround SCM Server.
  • Old: A newer version of the file was checked in and your local file is no longer current.
  • Old, ModifiedA newer version of the file was checked in after you modified the local file. This happens if you check out a file, modify the file locally, and another user checks in a new version of the file.
  • Working directory conflict: Surround SCM cannot determine the working directory location. This happens if you set the same working directory for two or more branches, or another user sets a working directory in the same location you did (for example, a shared network drive).
  • Unknown: Surround SCM cannot determine the file status. This happens if the .MySCMServerInfo file is removed or modified.

Deleting the .MySCMServerInfo file

You should never remove or modify the .MySCMServerInfo file stored in your working directory. If the information stored in the file is changed, the Status column in the Source Tree view will display an unknown value for all files because Surround will not be able to determine file status. This could cause problems if you are updating files from the Surround SCM Server in your working directory. For example, if you check out or get a file that is more current in your working directory than on the server, your changes will be lost.

Article ID: 651  |   Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

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